This summer, my makeup mainstays have been Dior’s Lip Glow and Rosy Glow. Foolproof, fresh-looking and light–perfect for summer.


However, I am pretty much down to the nub on the Lip Glow, which has made me realize that a) summer is over and b) it’s time to drop another $40 on lip balm. Depressing.

But now Clarins’s new Joli Baume lip balm has come into my life, and it is definitely a worthy replacement. It delivers the same promises as Dior:

  • It works with your lips’ natural pH to create a customized pinky shade
  • It is hydrating

My main reason for loving Lip Glow is that it is lip colour without being lip colour. At the end of a day’s worth of applications, my lips are stained a pretty pink colour that simply will not rub off on anything–and during the summer when I’m wearing more white than ever, this is a great trait to have.


Clarins’s Joli Baume creates the same effect–hydrated, pink lips for pretty much half the price. A total winner right?

I have only a few gripes with this product–it doesn’t apply as smoothly as the Dior, and I’m not as big of a fan of the packaging.

Now–I’m not saying the lip balm drags, but it does have the slightest gritty feel on application. It doesn’t last once on, but you do feel it.

The packaging of the Dior is just that much more sophisticated–translucent pink and silver just look pretty sitting on your desk. Clarins’s tube is made of a cardboard (why? Update: Clarins has let me know that the cardboard packaging is eco-designed and is in line with their “Responsible Beauty” approach) and features bright pink, orange and yellow polka dots. Not uncute, but not the best. Kind of looks like it belongs at a kid’s birthday party.

Other than that, they are very similar products. The only other difference I can think of is the scent–Dior has a vanilla-mint fragrance that is nice and light; Clarins’s has a bright, peachy smell to it that is a bit stronger.

Two great options for two price ranges.

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