Dior’s Star concealer has been my favourite product for covering up my dark undereye circles since it’s release last summer. So, when I received their new concealer, I was excited to see what the 2-in-1 product brought to the table.IMG_5583

The Fix It concealer comes in three shades: light, medium, and dark. The light is really quite light–this is the shade I use, but even for me, it errs on the fairer side (and I am really pale).

Unfortunately, Fix It is lacking a good range of shades–I’m certain that the darkest shade wouldn’t work for all darker skin tones. Hopefully Dior expands on that.

Dior Fix It Concealer

Upon first use, I fell in love with how it just glides right on. The centre core of primer really helps with that (similar to Benefit’s Fake Up),  and prevents the product from settling into  fine lines and creases. A few pats with my ring finger, and the concealer is effortlessly blended in.

The bullet is a bit bigger than a lipstick, which makes it a bit hard to reach into the inner corners of the eyes, but you can easily move the product around to reach smaller areas.

Just like Star, what I love about Fix It is how almost elastic the concealer is–you can really work with it before it sets, and it has a comfortable, hydrating feel with a matte finish. However, it is definitely drier than Star–perhaps not a great choice for more mature skins.

In comparison to Star, I would say that because of the primer core, Fix It has lighter coverage and a thin consistency, so instead of using it as a sole undereye concealer, I use it as a first step to prime and brighten the area (since the first shade is so light). I would say that if you are looking to cover up acne, this wouldn’t cut it on it’s own.

So–if you’re the type of girl who is young, doesn’t have too much too conceal, but wants light coverage without mess or the bulk of multiple products (and has some cash to burn), then this could be a good product for you. Otherwise, I’d recommend trying out the Star concealer.

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