If you regularly read this blog, you’ll know that I love Margaret Dabbs’ foot care products, especially the file and the scrub


During one of my weekly filing/scrubbing/nail painting sessions, I found myself wishing that there was a gentler version of the foot scrub for the hands. Sometimes, I just want to get all the dead skin off, and have soft, smooth paws.

Well wasn’t it just my luck when a few weeks ago, I was invited to experience Margaret Dabbs’ new hand care line, and believe it or not, my wish came true! MD has made a hand scrub! (angels sing) The granules come in a creamy lotion and gently slough off all flakes and roughness. It also smells amazing–if you are at all a fan of citrus scents like I am, you will be obsessed.

Along with the delicious scrub, there are a number of new products in the range. I was given the serum and the protection and finishing spray to take home.

I’m a true believer in investing into at-home manicure products–hand lotions, high quality polishes, base coats and top coats are all things I don’t really shy away from spending money on because I never spend money on manicures for the following reasons:

1) I instantly hate them if they try and cut my cuticles
2) They’re expensive
3) I never usually like the shape they file my nails into
4) My polish always chips within an hour
5) I hate sitting around at the end waiting until my nails are dry enough to leave

So! You can imagine how happy I was take take a few of MD’s lush products home to add to my couch-side nail salon.

All of the hand care products are made with Margaret’s signature ingredient, emu oil (don’t worry they don’t hurt the animals), and scented with mandarin and geranium.


The Intensive Anti-Ageing Hand Serum works to fight the visible signs of aging, hydrate and even the skin tone. It’s really nice and light, and like the other hand products, smells great. I apply it just before I’m about to put on hand cream, just on the tops of my hands.


After the wonderful Ellis had finished painting my nails, she spritzed on the Hand Protection and Finishing Spray while explaining as nail polish gets drier as the days pass, it shrinks and actually pulls on the nails! The uber-light finishing spray not only protects skin from dryness and ageing, but also helps to keep the polish from drying out.

Also in the collection:

Nourishing Hand Wash
Hydrating Hand Sanitiser
Exfoliating Hand Scrub
Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion
Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Serum
Crystal Nail File
Super Shiner Buffer

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