Of course as soon as I read about Caroline Hirons’ new must-haves, I immediately do some research on how to get my mitts on the product in Canada.
When I read about Hylamide, a new (Canadian) range, I was over the moon! Not only do I love me a good hydrating serum, I love when it is easy to find!

Hylamide comes from Deciem, a company that owns 9 amazing new brands like Inhibitif, Fountain, Grow Gorgeous, and more. Hylamide is a skincare range that have 2 different series: SubQ and Booster. The Hylamide products fall under SubQ, which are daily treatments designed to reach deeper layers of the skin.


Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age is a hydrating serum that penetrates to give moisture on the surface into the lower layers of the skin. Not only does this serum contain plumping ingredients like hyaluronic acid, it also contains other complexes made from copper, retinol and more to reduce the look of  lines, surface irregularities and wrinkles.

While this serum is pretty thin, 3 drops glides on and covers the face and neck areas. It sinks in almost immediately which is really nice and it leaves no residue–it is not siliconey whatsoever. While there isn’t anything super ‘luxurious’ about the look and feel of it, you know that it is doing it’s job. Plus, the dropper keeps things clean and the price is definitely right. I have to say–for someone who is a Vichy Aqualia serum devotee, this is my new favourite hydrating serum. There is no longer any wait time before makeup–SubQ is almost immediately absorbed.



Hylamide SubQ Eyes is a fairly thick, creamy-balmy eye serum and it really hydrates the eye area without any greasy residue. I love this product–it really moisturizes and protects the delicate eye area–something that is really important for me as I am prone to periorbital eczema. The formula is really nice and smooth–glides right on and helps improve fine lines, crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness.

This one doesn’t sink in right away like the face serum, however, I love that. When it comes to eye products, I love applying really thick, protective layers of product since my eye area is so prone to dryness. The serum does absorb after a few minutes and makes a great base for makeup.

Really strong, effective products and super reasonably priced–I will definitely be seeking out the rest of them!

Right now, Hylamide products are only available on the Deciem website and The Bay. For the UK, Hylamide is available at Boots and at CVS in the US.

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