A few weeks ago I posted about my life-changing Cézanne hair treatment. As promised, here is my follow-up post about the products. 

Cezanne Perfect Finish After Care Hair Products

Cézanne is a keratin treatment, but different–it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, doesn’t make hair stick straight and contains a silk protein that envelops the strands.

This treatment has made my hair amazing–super low-maintenance, crazy glossy and completely frizz-free in the face of humidity. The effects last 4-5 months depending on how often you wash your hair.

To keep your hair silky smooth for as long as possible, it is recommended that the Cézanne after care products are used to maintain the treatment. Along with the treatment, I received the shampoo, condition, heat protectant spray and styling cream.

The products are all sls-free to keep the treatment in tact. For about a week after the treatment, every time I washed my hair, I did notice a slightly salty smell to my hair, which was probably just the after-effects of the treatment.

Cezanne Perfect Finish After Care Hair Products

The Moisturizing Shampoo is a clear, fairly light formula that is low-foaming. Having never really used SLS-free shampoos longterm, this was the hardest thing for me to adjust to. I absolutely love a super clean feeling with tons of foam that I would normally get from regular shampoos.

There was a bit of an adjustment period after the treatment for me–I think it was a combination of the treatment having been recently done (so my hair was very straight and maybe a bit weighed down by the product), and the SLS-free shampoo that made my hair feel like it was greasy and weighed down, totally stuck to my head all the time. After about two weeks though, my scalp and strands got used to the change, and some volume has been restored and the scalp oils have regulated.

The Moisturizing Conditioner is really nice and light as well. My hair is really healthy now as I never heat style it (save the bangs), so it’s not like my ends really need any hair masks anymore, but this conditioner is a nice way to refresh and rehydrate the lower to bottom part of my hair. This one does bring back a bit of that salty smell, but it is a very small price to pay for effortless hair.

Cezanne Perfect Finish After Care Hair Products









In the morning, when I need to tame my bedhead bangs, I wet down my hair and give my bangs two spritzes of the Thermal Protectant Spray. Angelo, the stylist who perfomed my treatment, told me that whatever I do, if I am doing any heat styling whatsoever, I definitely needed to use this spray. It is totally weightless, barely has a smell and doesn’t leave any residue on the hair. This is perfect for anyone, regardless of whether they have had a keratin treatment or not.

These are pretty much the only products I use on my hair now, except, I do smooth a few pumps of l’Oréal’s Elvive Extraordinary Oil for Coloured Hair (my hair isn’t coloured, but it is more lightweight than the other formulas) just for a little insurance against split ends.

I also received the Styling Serum, however, I really haven’t needed it and don’t use it. My hair just doesn’t need anything else now since this treatment! It is really light and recommended for coarse, curly or frizzy hair. Since the treatment, my hair has pretty much no curl and no frizz to speak of.

Read about my entire Cézanne Perfect Finish Treatment and the results.

Also in the Cézanne After Care collection:

Leave-In Spray Conditioner
Leave-In Crème Conditioner
Conditioning Keratin Masque


  1. I recently got a Cezanne Keratin Treatment and love it. I wanted the moisturizing shampoo so I ordered it from an eBay seller. Your review says your shampoo is clear. Mine isn’t. The shampoo is a white, pearlized formula. The pump bottle wasn’t sealed or shrink-wrapped. Now I’m wondering if I got a counterfeit or switched item (another shampoo in a Cezanne bottle). I only used it once so far and recall pretty decent foaming. Is your shampoo truly clear?


    1. Hi Andrea,

      I just double-checked for you and my shampoo is definitely clear–maybe with a slight pearlization. My pump bottle wasn’t shrink wrapped when I received it either, but this could be because it came from a salon. I hope you didn’t get duped!



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