At night, I am all about relaxing essential oils to calm me down and get me sleepy. Evening Primrose is one of my favourite scents for the bath, so I was pretty excited when Weleda sent me their entire range based on the scent.

Weleda Evening Primrose Body Lotion, Body Wash, Oil, Hand Cream, Day and Night Cream and Eye and Lip cream

The range is meant to revitalize mature and aging skin with intense hydration and antioxidants. Evening primrose alone is high in fatty acids–perfect for plumping up wrinkles and restoring a youthful radiance.

The body wash is lush–thicker than a milk, but thinner than a cream, when mixed with the steam from the shower, the fragrance envelops you and smells gorgeous. Hydrating as well which is a bonus.

Weleda Evening Primrose Body Lotion, Body Wash, Oil

After washing, I like to double up on the moisture with the body lotion and the oil. I rub a few drops on each limb, then go back over with the lotion. The oil is quite thick, while the lotion is pretty light. I have quite dry skin, so I love layering on as much hydration as possible, but the two definitely offer up choice for any skin type. The fragrance stays for a while, but eventually dissipates. Makes me feel like a giant, relaxed baby. The oil can also be used in the bath, which would be equally as amazing.

Another one of my favourites from the line is the hand cream. It is pretty light in consistency, but packs it’s punch in hydration, really plumping up any lines and making hands look younger. At first, hands definitely have a bit of a glove feeling, but it is not greasy at all.

Weleda Evening Primrose Hand Cream, Day and Night Cream and Eye and Lip cream

Not wanting to tamper with my strict derm prescription, I passed off the day and night creams to my sister Angela, who has normal skin on the drier side. She really likes both of these, and says they are quite light and smell great on the face.

An eye and lip cream is also available in the range.

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