I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed my train in the morning because I’ve been doing my hair.

I know it sounds totally ridiculous, but I can’t bear to wake up any earlier, so I would end up just driving in to Toronto all because I can’t get it together in the mornings.

In the summers it’s even worse, because I spend all of this time doing my hair, then on my 20 minute walk to work after my train ride, Toronto’s terrible humidity wreaks havoc on my hair, and my bangs become wavy and stupid-looking, and my hair getting frizzy and untouchable.

I hate it when my bangs are out of line, and I was getting so frustrated that I eventually bought a mini straightener to keep in my desk for fringe emergencies. Not only was I straightening my hair twice in one morning, but if I went outside, it happened all over again. Definitely a vicious cycle.

SO. I started looking into keratin treatments and found Cézanne Perfect Finish. It isn’t a keratin treatment, BUT, it smooths and slightly straightens the hair with a silk protein that envelops each strand, repelling humidity-induced frizz. As soon as I read about it, I knew I had to have it. This post is a long one, but I promise you the results are worth reading about.

Cézanne graciously set me up with the treatment at Runway Hair Studio in Toronto, along with 4 of their products. Very generous of them.

RHS is run by a lovely Italian husband and wife duo, who made sure I felt comfortable the entire time and did a fabulous job on my locks.

Cezanne Perfect Finish Before 7
My natural hair texture.
My hair before the treatment. It had thunderstormed that day.
My hair before the treatment. My hair had been straightened in the morning, but it had thunderstormed that day.

The treatment started with a wash of Cézanne’s Clarifying shampoo. Then my hair was blowdried until it was mostly dry.

The product was then applied meticulously, section by section, and then left to marinate for 30 minutes. There is an ever-so-slight burning sensation on the scalp, but it more tickly than anything. Not bad at all.

Cezanne Perfect Finish Before 6
My hair being sectioned for product application.

After the time is up, hair is rinsed until most of the product is out, but not completely. Hair is then blowdried as smooth as possible.

Cezanne Perfect Finish Before 3
After getting the product rinsed out.
Cezanne Perfect Finish Before 2
Hair getting blowdried a second time.

Now, here is the step that takes the longest part. The straightening. Hair is divided into very small sections and straightened with a fine toothed comb 5-10 times. I was definitely getting squirmy after a while, but I mean, my hair was smooth and shiny as glass, so I can’t complain.

Cezanne Perfect Finish After 7

Cezanne Perfect Finish After 4
Hair being straightened. The bangs haven’t even been straightened yet and you can see how shiny they already are.

Once my hair was all straightened out, Angelo noticed a bit of uneveness (the super-straightness reveals all), so he cleaned it up with a quick trim in one area.

Cezanne Perfect Finish After 2
You can really see how smooth and shiny my hair is here.

Cezanne’s results last 4-5 months, depending on how often you wash your hair. Their own line MUST be used–you absolutely cannot use any shampoos containing SLS on your head, or it will undo the treatment.

All in all, the treatment takes around 2-4 hours depending on how much hair you have, and starts at around $300 (gets more expensive the more time you need and also depends on the salon). To find a salon near you that offers the treatment, you can email info@cezannehair.com

Hair can be coloured immediately after the treatment (though you would be in a salon chair for a really long time), and hair can also be washed right afterwards. The Cezanne treatment can lift coloured hair slightly, so you might choose to refresh it afterwards. I chose to leave my hair alone for a few days before washing it, but it is not necessary.

3 weeks after the Cezanne Perfect Finish treatment--air dried then brushed
3 weeks after the Cezanne Perfect Finish treatment

I can tell you this much–this is singlehandedly the best thing I have EVER done to my hair. It is so soft and incredibly smooth, frizz-free, and humidity barely does anything at all to it, except add in a slight wave to my bangs. And that, I can handle. I barely worry about my hair in humidity or rain anymore.

3 weeks after the Cezanne Perfect Finish treatment

3 weeks after the Cezanne Perfect Finish treatment
It was really hard to capture just how shiny and soft my hair is since the treatment

For the first week after the treatment, my hair felt like it was stuck to my scalp, but I think this was a mix of the treatment just being done (my hair is super fine), and because my hair wasn’t used to the SLS(non-foaming)-free shampoo. It’s been a few weeks now, and I’ve gotten the hang of the shampoo, and I have some more volume. You do lose a little bit of your natural volume since the strands are so silky and smooth, but it is definitely worth it, and any loss of volume can be gained back with a little mousse and a quick blast of air upside down.

This treatment has really made me envy those with straight hair–all I need to do now is wash, condition, comb and I’m done. In the morning, if my bangs are a bit wonky from sleeping on them, I just wet them down, give them a quick spritz with the heat protecting spray, and brush them a bit with a comb while blowdrying. It’s really perfect for summer. Humidity and heat? No problem. Dips in the pool or lake? Hair will be perfect afterwards.

3 weeks after the Cezanne Perfect Finish treatment

Before, when I styled my bangs, it was a multi-tool process. My hair needed to be wetted down, then blowdried with boar bristle brush, then shaped with a round brush, then straightened with a flat iron. Now it’s almost a joke how easy they are to manage.

My hair, which was really curly before, is almost completely straight. I was told that the treatment would only loosen the curl, not straighten it, but I am super happy with the results. The more washes it receives, the more a little bit of wave comes back to the ends. Plus! My hair is going to be able to grow and get really healthy now that I can do little to no heat styling on it for 4-5 months. Angelo, the hair stylist, pointed out that I have a lot of breakage (you can see some of the wispy, shorter pieces in the photos), and this will really give those strands a chance to recover.

3 weeks after the Cezanne Perfect Finish treatment

The treatment is an investment, but it is so worthwhile. I will definitely be doing it again in the future.

Since this post is already very long, I will publish a separate article on their product range next week.

Runway Hair Studio
2409 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON


  1. Hi just read your article because I too am interested in doing this treatment! I was hoping you could just give an update on how your hair ended up months after, if the treatment incrementally had to grow out of your hair from the roots down, or if it just slowly faded away over time.

    Please let me know!


  2. Hi Jenna,

    I really loved this treatment–truth be told, it probably stayed in my hair for almost a year! Though, it wasn’t as if it had been freshly done for a year long; slowly some wave started to come back, but my hair looked really healthy and glossy and grew really long. It didn’t grow out, so much as slowly fade away. My hair did feel greasier than normal after a day or two, but I think that’s cause the Cezanne shampoo is really gentle. I’m actually thinking of getting the Cezanne Express treatment on my bangs this summer! Overall, I really loved the treatment, but I did miss having texture in my hair–my hair was uber sleek and glossy, but I like my hair to look a little messy. Hope that helps!



    1. Thanks so much for the reply!! My hairs pretty curly and just poofy all around, so my curls are never very defined. My two biggest concerns are just getting any breakage/damage from the treatment, which from your article, it doesn’t sound like this was an issue. And also just a little worried about the growing/fading out process. With previous Keratin treatments my hair had to grow out from the root down, so my hair would get super curly on the top and there’s be an awkward demarcation from the curly part of my hair to the straight part at the bottom. But from your response it sounds like it slowly just started to fade out and there was no awkward curly to straight line on your hair.

      Obviously I’m very concerned about getting any sort of treatment done as I’ve had some pretty bad experiences in the past


      1. Hi Jenna,

        This will definitely smooth out/might completely straighten your curls, at least for a while. I really wouldn’t worry about the growing out process. My hair just slowly got wavier then curlier over time (this took a really long time). I didn’t have any demarcation line. This is different than other Keratin treatments.

        As for breakage, I didn’t have any of that either–my hair actually felt healthier than ever before. The strands were thicker and soooo glossy. It was really a great experience for me. I really recommend it!


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