Now–normally I’m one to shy away from natural makeup, but this brand has got me seriously converted.

A yoga buddy of mine, who also happens to own a few spas, knows about my acne battles, and kept mentioning that I should drop by her spa and try this Jane Iredale foundation that would be perfect for my face. For the longest time I was like, ugh, I don’t want to cover up my face, I just want to fix it, so I didn’t go.

After seeing my dermatologist, Dr. Sapra, I decided well you know what, the acne isn’t going to go away immediately, so why wouldn’t I try to make my face look better now, rather than later.

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Powder in Warm Silk & Smooth Affair Primer
So I did some research on Jane Iredale and found out that her mineral foundations are considered to be quite good for the skin and healing (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide calm inflammation and protect the skin from the sun and bacteria). So, on a Saturday afternoon, off I went to the spa to get colour matched (apparently JI’s foundations can be hard to match, so I wouldn’t advise just buying online right away. Get colour-matched first.)

Now–getting to the products: let me tell you that both of these products feel like you have absolutely nothing on your face and creating this beautiful, healthy glow about you.

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Powder in Warm Silk & Smooth Affair Primer
P.S. Don’t drop the compact the first day like I did.


The Smooth Affair primer is super hydrating and feels so light and water-like once applied. Hands down my favourite. If I happen to suffer from any super dry, rough, or flaky spots from my acne-fighting products, I’ll just dab on a bit of Earth Tu Face’s Face Balm to smooth out and hydrate the area before applying the primer.

The Pure Pressed powder, applied with a Beauty Blender (though the cheaper alternatives from Shoppers work just as well), creates a medium coverage effect that allows your skin to shine through. I have freckles, so this is quite important to me. Plus, the finish isn’t powder whatsoever. It looks like you have nothing on your face, and you look about 5 years younger with amazing skin.

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Powder in Warm Silk & Smooth Affair Primer with YSL Touche Eclat and Beauty Blender

Depending on how much powder you are applying to the area, the powder can also be used to conceal. However, for my purple under eye bags, I apply a bit of YSL’s Touche Éclat to correct the purple before applying the powder. If you have an especially pigmented area, or a big red pimple, I would suggest perhaps applying a bit of concealer before applying the powder.

The Beauty Blender is pretty key to the application here as well–it allows for an even distribution of product, lets you get in those little areas like around the nose and under the eyes, and makes it so easy to just bounce on and smooth the powder.

As you know, I’m constantly battling jawline and chin-area acne and I find that cream tinted moisturizers and foundations can make me breakout and feel heavy on my face. This primer + powder combo is such a game-changer that I recommend it to anyone of any skin type and age.

More pros? Jane Iredale is eco-concious and (cruelty-free) and it shows in their packaging. When purchasing the powder for the first time, you will get a refill pan, plus you will need to purchase a compact in which to house the product. Then, onwards, all you need is to purchase the refill pan. The powder also contains SPF 20 which is great, but definitely should not be relied upon solely for sun protection (always apply sunscreen after moisturizer). And for those who have super sensitive skin (her products are especially good for those with rosacea), the powder is also vegan and gluten-free.

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