Along with the delivery of Dior’s new Summer makeup collecion (just you wait), came this gorgeous new eye shadow palette in the prettiest neutrals.Kind of like Dior does the basics–but since Dior is the one executing it–it’s far from basic.

I’m constantly raving about how their eye shadow formula is above and beyond, so getting a palette in perfect everyday neutral in an outstanding formula is definitely something to get excited about.

Dior Eye Reviver Palette 1 The Eye Reviver palette’s shades are intended to illuminate the eyes and instantly give a boost of radiance to your look.

The lightest shade is a powder eyelid primer, and the darkest shade, the black on the right, is a gel-cream eyeliner.

The palette contains a double sided shadow application brush–sponge and brush, and also contains and eyeliner brush.

Dior Eye Reviver Palette 2

The colours can be used to create anything from a bright, youthful look to a dark, smoky eye. The lighter shades do really “revive” the eye, brightening without piling on the sparkle. They are subtle and natural.

While Dior’s eyeshadow palettes normally err on the frostier side of shimmer, these are quite a bit more natural once applied, leaving a more satin finish, leaning towards matte. Definitely a good fit for those who are afraid of glitter and sparkle.

While neutral-toned eye shadow palettes seem a dime a dozen these days, it’s kind of nice to have a pared down version of the classic Naked palette that I use every morning–I only actually use around 4 of the shades of the 12-shade palette). With the eyeliner included, this is perfect for beginners, those who are new to the eyeshadow game, and those who travel. Definitely a solid purchase in my books.

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