If you follow this blog, then you’ll know that I’m constantly fighting the dry, flaky battle of moisture-zapped skin caused by acne products. Smooth, radiant skin can be a bit hard to conjure when your face is sore and feels like it is peeling off.

To keep my skin looking soft and alive underneath any foundation, tinted moisturizer or concealer, I’ve been applying these two babies from Make Up For Ever’s new Step 1 Skin Equalizer range. There are 10 (!!) different primers to suit any and all skin tones and needs.

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Equalizers Pink Radiant and Hydrating

MUFE held an event a month or so ago in Toronto to celebrate the launch of the Equalizers, and a consultant was on hand to match everyone up with two different primers: one for their skin type, and one to correct. I, of course, was recommended the Hydrating Primer (to be applied first) and the pink Radiant Primer (to be applied second).

Both are very lightweight and, of course, can be used alone, or combined for a flawless complexion.

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Equalizers Pink Radiant and Hydrating

The hydrating primer is clear and adds an extra layer of moisture to smooth any rough patches and keeps foundation from drying out the skin and settling in lines.

The pink radiance primer sort of reminds me of Benefit’s That Gal, but thinner in consistency. This primer is meant for brightening light to medium skin tones (the blue brightening primer is for the lightest of skin tones).

Both don’t have that thick, heavy, siliconey feel that most primers have which always make me feel as if I am applying spackle to my face. I would however, give them a chance to soak in before applying your base, or else you could get some rolling.

Also in the Step 1 Skin Equalizer Range:

Smoothing Primer – evens the skin’s texture
Nourishing Primer – moisturizes and comforts
Mattifying Primer – reduces shine
Redness Correcting Primer – neutralizes red tones
Radiant Primer Peach – brightens medium to tan skin
Radiant Primer Yellow – brightens light to medium skin
Radiant Primer Caramel – brightens dark skin


    1. Oh no! I’m only using it at night and I try and keep the brush head really clean and wash it with Lysol and dish soap once a week because I’m paranoid of the bacteria.


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