If you follow the fashion world at all, you’ll be aware the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are more than just the baby on Full House. They’ve started two successful fashion brands, Elizabeth and James and The Row, the latter of which is known for beautiful, minimalistic pieces…and also for a $39,000 crocodile backpack.

Since I pretty much love everything The Row does, I was pretty game to try out whatever perfume Mary-Kate and Ashley thought stylish smelled like.

Elizabeth and James Perfume Oils Black and White

Overall, I wasn’t blown away, but these are pretty fragrances, perfect for weekends or when you aren’t looking for anything bold.

I find the packaging and oil concept themselves a great idea. Bringing perfume along in your purse or packed in your suitcase for vacation can be somewhat terrifying (how many times have I travelled praying that my $130 bottle of Coco Mademoiselle hasn’t torn and soaked all of my clothing). These little bottles make it way easier–they’re not breakable, they’re small, and you just push down on the top of the cap to fill the dropper with the fragrance. The oils are concentrated, so you really only need a tiny amount.

The can be dabbed onto pulse points (don’t rub–this will shorten the fragrance’s life span). I really like this method of perfume application–it’s more targeted and old school that giving yourself a general spray. The oil can be dabbed behind the ears, knees, massaged into hair, mixed into lotion–the possibilities are endless.

Another plus? These bottles are super affordable in the realm of fragrance–only $35 each–so it’s an easy, guilt-free way to try out the scents before committing to the bigger bottles.

Elizabeth and James Perfume Oils Black and White

The Black fragrance is suitably formulated to work as an an event scent–more sensual and mysterious with notes of violet, sandalwood and vanilla. Of the two, I preferred this one, and find it sexy, but I think that it is missing that note that really knocks it out of the ballpark to make it special.

White is light and fresh, but contains a musky note that is not among my favourites. Peony and Muguet give the fragrance a floral touch. However, if you love musk, you will probably enjoy this perfume.

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