Weddingbells magazine celebrated their 30th anniversary this year, and to celebrate they threw a fabulous bash at the DesignExchange in Toronto.

My best friend (and bride-to-be) and I had so much fun trying different flavours of macarons, sipping on cocktails, taking hilarious photos of ourselves in the photobooths and getting our hair done by Revlon pros.

Lucky for us, I was able to get a quick interview with the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Alison McGill, to chat about the direction that weddings are taking this year. Read on for tips on everything from spray tans to bridesmaid dresses.

wedding updos - ponytail

What are the top trends for weddings this year?

In honour of Weddingbells’ 30th anniverary, we did do 30 top trends, so we had that guide online. Some highlights from that are for beauty we’re seeing a lot of looks inspired by the red carpet. For hair we’re loving ponytails, twisted ponytails, Dakota Johnson wore a ponytail to the Oscars, so we’re seeing really simple beauty with a bit of statement happening.

Really when it comes to the style of the wedding it’s kind of all about what the couple wants. It’s really anything goes. Rustic is still very big, however, we’re trying to steal the car away from that. The rustic wedding, although it’s beautiful, has really been done, so, bringing back a bit of glamour to the wedding day, really moving away from the homey touches. I’d like to see a little more elegance put into the wedding.

And when it comes to fashion, for brides, there’s never been more choice. So, we have everything from minis, to asymmetric. The princess ball gown is really not the norm anymore.


Especially with colours, there’s so many different colours now.

Yes, we’ve seen a lot of different colours now. What’s happening now is more soft colours. We did see a lot of really intense colours, Vera Wang did red and aubergine a couple of seasons ago, and intense pink, but now we’re seeing a lot of pistachio, soft blues and blushes.

Do you have any tips for looking good in colours? Cause not everybody will suit the colours.

Well not everybody suits white either, I think a lot of people might not think to go the coloured route, but give it a chance. Blush is a colour that looks great on everybody. I think it’s not a choice for every bride, some brides wanna wear white and be traditional.


What are some of your top makeup tips for brides that are going to be doing their own makeup on the day?

I really think you should go to a professional first, maybe visit a makeup counter and have them do your makeup and give you some times. The number one thing you want to look for on your wedding day is you want high-definition makeup and you want makeup that lasts. So really invest in your face–your primaries, your base, your foundation and awesome mascara where you can really plump up your lashes and you need a great blush or a bronzer–don’t go crazy on the contour. I like a statement lip but a lot of brides don’t feel comfortable with that, but I think if you wanna wear red on your wedding day, that’s absolutely OK.

What are the newest trends that you are seeing for bridesmaids. I feel like everyone is doing blush and mint.

Blush has been done. I really like changing it back to classics. I like navy, I like black. I think white and blush and all the pastel tones have really been done so I think we’re going back to a bit of a darker time and it’s classic. Navy looks good on everybody.

The Top Bridal Makeup Trends For Fall

Any skincare tips for the brides-to be? 

Look after it. Wear sunscreen; start on your facial care routine if you don’t already have one. Work with a professional–go get treatments once a month. Get rid of the sun damage. You want to look your best.

What are your thoughts about getting spray tans before the big day?

I’m not a fan of the spray tan. I think if you’re gonna tan, it’s OK to have a glow, but don’t look fake.

All photos from Weddingbells

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