It was while perusing one of my favourite websites of all time, The Selby, that I stumbled upon Hannah Metz in her home and studio. If you don’t already know, I love all things 60’s–the fringe, the eyeliner, Jane, Françoise…I could go on and on.

So when I saw Hannah, who is like a living, breathing doll from the 60’s, with the most beautiful photography skills–I knew I had to find out more about her.

A few months ago, she started another Instagram account, specifically for documenting her beauty regime, and I felt that now was the time to get the details.

Can you tell us a bit about your career? I know you have a background as a makeup artist; was it the first thing you did after school? How did you go from makeup artist to designer?

My interest in fashion design dates back to my Barbie playing days and making tiny outfits for my little doll crew (I remember one pair of bell bottoms I made out of tube socks that I was particularly proud of). In high school I wore a mix of vintage and my own handmade clothing. I reconstructed my little brother’s t-shirts into tiny skirts that I sold online for a short time and I had numerous (rather hilarious to revisit) fashion shows throughout that period as well. After high school I took some time to travel before settling into an apprenticeship at a hair salon, it was short lived however as my eczema prone skin did not agree with having frequently damp hands and I went to make-up school instead. I had always enjoyed the company of the make-up artists I’d worked with over the years and it seemed a logical step given my interest in both the beauty industry and in painting. I worked as a make-up artist for a few years before landing what was essentially my dream job buying vintage clothing in large quantities for American Apparel locations around the world. My make-up kit sat neglected and I turned my attention entirely to my original passion, vintage clothing and design!

Do you still work as a makeup artist?

I will occasionally help my friends apply their makeup but aside from that mine is the only face I work on these days.

Can you tells about your line? What are you inspired by?

I love tried and true silhouettes with playful happenings within them.  Each of my collections are inspired by my favourite literature, the first is an ode to Tristan and Iseult and includes lots of embroidered tears!

What/who are your biggest influences in regards to makeup and your designs?

I love 1960’s make-up looks, I rarely leave the house without a black cat eye liner and lots of mascara! As for designs, I am forever in love with Elsa Schiaparelli’s surrealist 1930’s fashions and the use of embroidery to tell stories throughout fashion history.

What are your favourite beauty products (skincare and makeup)? Take us through your daily routine.

I start the day with my favourite Soy cleanser by Fresh, then follow with a swipe of Thayers Rose toner before applying my moisturizer (presently using Ole Henriksen Truth Creme) and eye cream (on the look out for a new one, just finished up a tub by Perricone but wasn’t totally sold on it). I am just finishing a tube of BB cream by Cover FX that I’m happy with and will likely order again, I use that in combination with Smashbox concealer to even out my complexion then use a neutral eyeshadow, black gel liner and mascara to complete the look and finish with a spritz of Mario Badescu Rose spray

Any tips for mastering the cat eye?

I always start with a thin line from the middle to the outer edge of my eye then draw a little triangle where I want the cat eye to go, then I fill it in and build up the original line so that it all flows evenly. I use a gel liner with a thin paint brush to apply. 


What are your favourite hair products? 
Take us through your daily routine.

My hairstylist recently turned me on to the Davines line and I’m in love! I use Davines shampoo and conditioner every five days and spray on their hair milk when my hair is damp. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair and apart from rag curling I don’t do much to it!

What are some of your favourite red lipsticks?

I love Heatwave by Nars and a mix of Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Intense in 40 and YSL’s Rouge Volupte Shine in Rouge in Danger.

You take beautiful photos–what are some tips? 

Thank you! Finding the right camera for yourself is one of the best pieces advice I can offer, if you want to take nostalgic looking photos forget the filters and use a film camera instead. It’s great to find inspiration in other photographer’s work but never recreate another photographer’s photo, it seems obvious but I’ve worked with photographers as a model who have shown me somebody’s work and tried to recreate it which is just not cool man!  Find your own eye and trust that eye.

Any other skincare/makeup tips and tricks that you want to mention?

I know it’s so often said but drink water! Water makes all the difference, and don’t be too hard on yourself, everybody has troubled skin days. 

All photos taken from Hannah’s blog–be sure to check it out for some seriously beautiful photography.

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