In case you aren’t already familiar with Chanel’s Le Blanc, the range is focused on brightening and bringing light to this skin.

Chanel Le Blanc Tri-Phase Cleanser, Toning Lotion and Harmonie Lèvres Lip Palette in Arabesque
The main inspiration comes from the pearl, which shimmers and reflects light and seems to be illuminated from within. Chanel’s innovation, TXC, is derived from a 2-year pearl extract that hydrates and brightens the skin, while eliminating dark spots and preventing their formation.

Chanel Le Blanc Tri-Phase Cleanser Chanel Le Blanc Tri-Phase Cleanser

The Brightening Tri-Phase Makeup Remover moves through, as your might have guessed, three phases: gel, oil then milk. It is quite thick as a gel, and once smoothed onto the dry skin and around the face, it warms and melts into an oil texture. Upon application of water, it easily dissolves into a thin milk. I find that this cleanser does remove face makeup well, but you would definitely need to follow-up with an eye makeup remover.

Chanel Le Blanc Toning Lotion Chanel Le Blanc Toning Lotion

The Brightening Moisturizing Lotion is a clear fluid that has the consistency of an essence–a little bit thicker than your regular toner. I apply this straight to my face with my finger tips and massage it in. Like the cleanser, and all Chanel skincare products, it is beautifully fragranced. The lotion balances the skin and is quite hydrating–I especially like to apply this before any retinol at night.

From these two skincare products, I’m not too sure just how much of the brightening benefits I could/would receive, but perhaps with the addition of the concentrate, I would begin to see results. The cleanser wouldn’t be on the skin long enough to have an effect, and I’m not sure how much power the toning lotion could provide.

Chanel Le Blanc Harmonie Lèvres Lip Palette in Arabesque

Chanel Le Blanc Harmonie Lèvres Lip Palette in Arabesque

Le Blanc Maquillage Harmonie Lèvres in Arabesque, which is my absolute favourite of the three, is a perfect little palette that has taken up permanent residency in my purse with beautiful, long-lasting colours to suit any situation. There are five shades in the palette, ranging from light peach to a deeper, gold-flecked pink red. The formula is not overly creamy, and leaves a near matte finish (which I love). The colours can either be applied with the two, double-sided brushes included, or with your fingers. FYI, this palette is limited edition, so get it before it’s gone!

From left to right:

A soft peach gloss
A darker, peachy-pink gloss with coral shimmers
A darker, red-toned coral pink lipstick
An intense, bright, warm-toned pink lipstick
A darker pink lipstick with coppery-gold shimmers

My favourites are the latter two shades. The red-toned coral lipstick doesn’t quite cover the darker colour of my lips on it’s own, however, with a base of liner, it definitely would.

Also available in the Le Blanc range:

Intense Brightening Foam Cleanser
Brightening Pearl Soap Makeup Remover Cleanser
Brightening Concentrate Double Action
Brightening Moisturizing Cream

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