Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and Lush has released a selection of holiday products to keep you feeling pampered, beautiful, and full of love. I’m a huge bath lover, especially on a cold winter’s day, and thankfully Lush has given us exactly what we need to keep our baths and bodies beautiful.

Love Locket Bath Bomb
This thing is massive. It’s seriously gigantic. This product reminds of the Golden Wonder from Christmas – a bath bomb within a bath bomb! The jasmine vanilla scent is unexpected from such a bright pink colour (I was expecting something sickly sweet) but the best part is the addition of essential oils – leaving your skin extra soft after bath time.


Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
I don’t think I’ve ever used a bath product this girly. It’s purple, pink and yellow, covered in stars and shimmer and named after a magical creature. Though the colours scare me, I like the lavender scent. Bubble bars are especially great because it takes such a small piece to give you a mountain of bubbles. Word of warning: you may be left with some post-bath shimmer clean-up, but leave it ‘till tomorrow because you’ll be too relaxed to care.

The Kiss Lip Scrub
I’m all for a good lip scrub but I usually find a mix of olive oil and white sugar will do the job just fine. I’ve used Lush’s lip scrubs before – one’s with pop rocks and minty scents – but still find my oil and sugar concoction to be just fine. This lip scrub is bright pink and made extra sweet with the addition of sprinkles and candy red hearts. Though I’m not a fan of the taste, it definitely does the job of leaving my lips soft and smooth.


Cupid’s Love Soap
This is my favourite thing in the collection. I instantly fell in love with the spicy scent–a combination of passion fruit, rosewood and cinnamon. I was also surprised at how creamy this soap is! Bar soap can sometimes leave your skin desperate for moisture but this beautiful bar leaves your skin feeling quenched and perfectly hydrated.

–Joanna Hillier, Joanna Banana Bread

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