Is it just me or is old man winter really taking his toll these days?

Vogue Sasha Pivovarova 1

Yes, the longer, slower drives home and the difficult dressing situation is annoying, but both my skin and my hair has really been feeling it’s wrath. My oily skin is getting flaky, which makes makeup incredibly difficult to apply. My feet are completely parched, and considering I’m not so diligent with my polish on my toes at this time of year, it’s just a scary sight all around. And to top it all of, the ends of my already colour-damaged hair have been feeling extra dry, making me feel slightly like a bleach blonde scarecrow (but hopefully not actually looking too much like one). However after weeks of suffering helplessly I’ve finally nailed down some beauty routine additions to combat my poor state.

Vogue Sasha Pivovarova 2

After showering, I apply a generous amount of my usual moisturizer to my feel, mixing in a few drops of hemp oil. I massage about 80% of the lotion mix in, then throw on a pair of socks and go about my day/hit the hay. This has significantly helped my feet recover from the dryness.

Vogue Sasha Pivovarova 3

I really should be using hair masks on the regular, but by the time I come around to washing my hair (which I’ve made a serious effort to extend), I just haven’t got the time to apply a mask. But with the combination of my current hair colour, my heat-styling routine and the harsh temperatures, I put my foot down and have learned to find the time. Kerastase makes a great mask that only takes around twenty minutes to feel the results.

Vogue Sasha Pivovarova 6

Since completely ditching my St. Ives beaded apricot exfoliator after finding it to be the cause of many cystic pimples, I’ve definitely been lacking in the exfoliation department. That was, until, I realized that nothing gets rid of flaky skin like a good glycolic mask. This one by Rodial takes a whopping 3-5 minutes (!!!) which really leaves me no excuse not to use it. I follow up with a heavy moisturizer that has salicylic acid so that I’m still fighting acne while giving my face some much needed moisture.

And that’s it folks. It’s really in the little things.

–Anna Raponi

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