And finally! The big palette. To be honest, I tried to swatch these for you, but they just weren’t showing up that well. But I do have some pretty pictures for you anyways.

Dior Kingdom of Colours Palette

The Kingdom of Colours palette holds a mix of powder and cream products and comes with a velvet case that holds a small blush brush. The palette itself holds 3 brushes for eyeliner, eyeshadow and lip products.

Now, am I huge fan of this palette? Well…not particularly. And it truly hurts me to say this because I love Dior and this palette is really gorgeous. However, I’m in love with the right side of it…perhaps I could cut it in half?

Dior Kingdom of Colours Palette

Unfortunately, for some of the products included such as the blush and the powder, I think that the triangle set up doesn’t work. The brush size is just too big and gets all up in everyone else’s grill.

See below for my quickie reviews.

Dior Kingdom of Colours Palette

From left to right

Black: Eyeliner
A cream, and no complaints about it here.

Light green: Eye shine
This one was a bit strange for me. It’s very, very powdery, but doesn’t really hold together. It kind of just comes out as pieces of glitter.

Silver: Eyeshadow
A standard quality Dior shadow, which is great. Straight up silver, could be paired with their Smoky Khol.

Purple: Eyeshadow
Another great shadow. A bit more sheer than the silver and definitely less glittery.

Beige: Mattifying Powder
At first I thought this might not be good for darker skin tones, but it is totally transparent.

White: Skin Highlighter
This feels to me like a silvery shimmery gloss/balm, but for the skin. Probably a bit too glossy for my liking on my skin, but to each their own.

Coral with emblem: Blush
This blush is a gorgeous bright coral-y pink. Gorgeous when paired with the coral gloss or lipstick. No shimmer or glitter in sight (yay!).

Clear: Lip Gloss
While it might look clear in the photo, there are some pieces of clear/pink glitter. Perfect if you’re looking to jazz up the other lip products included.

Bottom Coral: Lip Gloss
Exactly how I like my gloss. A sheer wash of colour sans shimmer or glitter. And a pretty coral to boot.

Right Coral: Lipstick
Perhaps an intensified version of the aforementioned gloss. Leaves a creamy finish.

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