Each time I find myself itching with discomfort, sitting at the salon with bleach coating my entire scalp, I’ll find any way possible to distract myself–but talking on the phone ends with bleach in your speakers, and Instagram loses it’s lustre about half an hour in. Kerastase Elixir Ultime ImperialSo, I usually end up doing a clear-out of the pictures on my phone, passively reminiscing on old times, and yellow-er hair. Every freaking time I get my hair done, I realize just how brassy my hair was, just a few months back.

In my quest for whiter hair, my follicles have taken a hard hit, even if they are politely hiding it pretty well. While I always aim to space out my washes and dye jobs as much as possible, my hair texture will never be normal again. Somehow my hair has regained the ability to afro right back up, which I’m taking as a good sign, however now I’m straightening it every single time I shower.

Which leads to this bad boy: Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime Imperial. This is the only product that my hair doesn’t absorb like a sponge post-style. Literally, I remember about a week into being bleach blonde, I would just sit in the bathroom combing different oils, serums and even masks into my dry hair, hoping to make the ends look a little healthier and the strands a little smoother. My hair would just soak up all the product, feel just a little more dirty, but look just as stressed out as I was becoming.

Until my hairdresser used this stuff. She advised I add a little to my heat-protecting cream (which I apply before flat-ironing), then comb it through the ends after heat-styling. The nourishing texture, which has the moisture of an oil but not quite the texture, gives my hair the shine and the feeling of healthy hair, without adding too much weight or product. The tiny little bottle has lasted me over six months, and I’ve still got half of it left. And, it smells oddly like Dahlia Divin, my Givenchy perfume that unlike this serum, is not so forgiving in regards to it’s cost. It won’t be long before you’ll see me applying this as a lotion, which I’m sure would also work great, in order to cut back on my perfume costs.

–Anna Raponi

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