Even though I write a beauty blog, and have more makeup than ever in my vanity (not trying to brag), at the end of 2014, I found myself wearing less makeup than ever. Tinted moisturizer? Out. Eyeshadow? Too much effort. Bronzer? Nope. Lipstick? Only when going out.

Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner
At Christmas dinner, we were discussing Anna’s new job at Aritizia, and I said I could never work at a clothing store because I would absolutely hate having to look perfect every time I had a shift. My uncle quickly made fun of me saying, ‘How old are you? You’re not even 30 yet!’. At first I just thought, whatever, having perfect hair all of the time isn’t worth it, but then I realized I should probably rethink how I am presenting myself to the world daily.

Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner

So! My resolution (I guess, if you want to call it that) is to make more effort in my appearance every day. This doesn’t mean a face full of foundation by any means; just doing a few extra things to make me look a bit fresher or awake.

Enter, Make Up For Ever’s Graphic Liner. I had originally squared this sample away for Anna to trial, but then I thought: ‘I’ve got some 60’s bangs and love Françoise Hardy, so why shouldn’t I just go for the all out cat eye flick on the regular?’

Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner

At first I thought that the black was too strong against my fair skin, but it actually is just drawing some extra attention to my eyes (with very minimal effort on my part, I might add). From years of drawing cat eyes on my friends as we got ready to head to the club (with MAC’s fluidline and brush), I’m not too shabby at quickly tracing one on, plus, the new Graphic liner makes it even easier, no brush needed!

Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner

This pen has a firm tip saturated with jet, jet black liquid–no need to retrace anything whatsoever. The ultra-tip allows for a thin daytime flick or lie it slightly more on it’s side for a thicker line. The finish of the liner itself is the blackest of blacks and lasts through absolutely everything, even showers.

For more cat eye inspo, check out Lisa Eldridge’s video with Alexa Chung.

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