About a year ago, I decided to make a lemon cheesecake. I had never made a cheesecake before, and didn’t quite realize how much work they were (or how expensive) to make, but nothing was more difficult than finding the lemon curd for the topping.

L'Occitane Revitalizing Body Scrub

The recipe actually called for homemade lemon curd, but seeing as I had already spent about $30 on a variety of cheese, I wasn’t about to go and buy a dozen eggs, solely for the purposes of their egg yolks (too much waste–I can only freeze so many egg whites). So, off I went in search of store-bought lemon curd. After no less than 3 different stores, I finally found the damn curd. I figured there must be a lot of Scottish people in my neighbourhood or something, since it was sold out in two of the locations.

Finally, I got home, just a few hours before my dinner party where I was supposed to impress them with my 7-pound cheesecake, with the lemon curd.

You must be wondering why I am blathering on about lemon curd. Well let me tell you. I opened that jar when I got home to find that IT TASTED AMAZING.

Sweet, thick and super lemony, I suddenly wanted to spread it on everything. I even made sure not to apply to much on top of the cake so I could have some leftovers.

Basically, l’Occitane’s Revitalizing Body Scrub is a lemon curd scrub. Well, not actually. But it smells as if it could be. While it isn’t cheap, I love using generous amounts of and dream of eating lemon cheesecake in the shower. It contains tons of sugar crystals to smooth away any roughness in the skin, and even leaves your skin smelling slightly sweet and lemony. Paired with my body wash, the combination makes for a very mouthwatering shower.


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