So I’m not sure if it was the fact that I had a very long list of things to do on my day off, or if it was the fact that I’m super bored of writing beauty reviews, but this morning I was very inspired to do some crazy nails.

Comme des Garcons Nails 6

If you weren’t aware (which you won’t be because I’m not sure why you would be), nail polish hasn’t touched my nails since I got my gel extensions taken off in August. So this sudden inclination to do something wild was an instinct I had to act on.

I’ve actually seen this picture of these Comme des Garçons nails before, but seeing it on my Tumblr feed this morning seemed to remind me just how adorable they are. They aren’t that hard to replicate and involve polishes that you usually have kicking around in your stash.

comme des garçons nails

You’ll need:

  • Red polish (as you can see I mixed an orangey-red and a hot pink)
  • White polish
  • Black polish
  • A few thin paint brushes
  • A pin
  • Some sparkly polishes (optional)
  • A nail file

Comme des Garcons Nails 1

So I started off by just filing my nails down a bit to have a more ovular shape. The rounder the top, the more of a heart shape you’ll get. Then using your red polish and a relatively thin paint brush, create two circular shapes (almost like a cut-off venn diagram) on the upper half of your nails. You’ll need two coats of that plus lots of time to dry.

Comme des Garcons Nails 2

Once that’s all set, using an itty-bitty paint brush, dab on some eyes for each heart. The shape here isn’t crucial and can be different on each nail. This logo is pretty kooky anyways so just try your best. Keep the whites of the eyes widely-spaced from one another if you can. Give that a second coat if necessary.

Comme des Garcons Nails 3

And once the white is completely dry, coat the tip of your needle in black laquer. This bit is actually the easiest part. Just tap on the pupil with the needle, starting at the lower half of the eyeball (if you’re doing your own nails, that is. The other end if you’re giving your friend a mani).

Comme des Garcons Nails 4

For me, my middle fingers just weren’t long enough to get the shape I wanted, so I went with glitter polish for an accent nail. If this isn’t an issue for you, you of course could go all heart-eyed (or eye-hearted??). I first did a layer of Essie’s rose gold A Cut Above, then Deborah Lippman’s Happy Birthday on top for some depth.

Comme des Garcons Nails 5

Now that all you’re adorable hearts are dried, finish with some topcoat. I’d dare you to try to look away from your nails, but with nail art like that…

–Anna Raponi

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