It is well know on this blog just how much we love Kérastase–they ace everything they do.

Kerastase Keratine Thermique, Ciment Thermique, Nectar Thermique


There are all lightweight creams that tame the hair, making it super smooth and much easier to blow dry all while protecting your locks. They’re all enriched with ceramides, which work to hide imperfections in the hair such as breakage or roughness.

There are three different glaçages to choose from–Kératine Thermique, Ciment Thermique and Nectar Thermique. You only need the tiniest amount (smaller than a dime for my fine hair) to coat your whole head.

Kerastase Keratine Thermique, Ciment Thermique, Nectar Thermique


I’ll break down which thermique is the one for you:

Kératine: Falls in line with the discipline range, this one works just like it’s siblings–smooth and straighten hair while giving it movement. It also contains morpho-keratine, another ingredient which restores eveness and fights humidity and creating a water-resistant shield. In my opinion, this one is best for unruly, medium weight to coarse hair.

Ciment: This one is my favourite for my super fine, dry hair (though I think it would be great for any hair type). Ciment is great for protecting hair prone to breakage, and revitalizes weakened hair. Hair is weightlessly glossy, super soft and bouncy.

Nectar: If you’re a fan of Kérastase, you’ve probably used their Nutritive line at some point–these products are made for dry, stressed hair that needs mending. If you’ve got dry or coarse hair, this is what you need to protect your hair from heat.

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