My husband has been waiting for Harry’s to come to Canada, and they are finally here. And with perfect gift sets at affordable prices for the men in your life.


There probably isn’t much more that Jordan hates more than shaving. Only quality products have made it any easier for him.

Jordan was sent to of the holiday gift sets to try out–the Winter Winston Set ($30, or monogrammable for $15 more) and the Winter Essentials Kit ($20, note: this set doesn’t ship to Canada).

Harry’s is one of the newest brands to offer a great shave with super affordably-priced blades and a stylish design. Ask any man and he can tell you he wastes gobloads on money on good razor blade refills. You can even set up shave plans so that you are automatically sent new blades every 2, 3 or 5 months, depending on how frequent a shaver you are (P.S. this plan could totally work for girls too).

I should mention as well–both Jordan and I were super impressed by how well everything was presented. The packaging was sleek, stylish and looked expensive. Plus, I think the little wooly mammoth is super cute.

Out of the two sets, Jordan was able to try out the following products:

Foaming Shave GelPretty standard, not especially different from anything else. Good but nothing special. He would be interested in trying out the shave cream.

Winston Razor: The handle was lighter than he expected it to be considering it is metal, but it was nice and the razor was really good. The way the head moved it gave a really close shave. Considering how cheap the razor is, it gives just a good a shave as the $25 Mach razors he normally purchases.


After Shave Lotion
Good. Smelled nice. Did a good job. Smells aftershavey and manly. Very hydrating, not too thin–sometimes aftershaves can be like a watery cream. This one had the same consistency as a good moisturizer; nice and thick.

Lip Balm: Has a really great scent–eucalyptusy and minty; makes your mouth feel clean. It’s super lightweight, doesn’t feel greasy or leave a shiny finish. Also has the bonus of SPF 15.

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