The newest offering from Biologique Recherche gave me the opportunity to experience yet another one of their facials, (believe me, I know how lucky I am) along with their newest innovation, the Crème Masque Vernix.

Biologique Recherche Masque Vernix 2

Now–the description that I will give you of this product might give you some weird visuals, but bear with me.

This cream/mask mimics the waxy, protective layer on the baby’s sensitive skin at birth (the vernix) with a combination of fats, proteins and antioxidants–which helps to heal wounds and mature the skin.

You won’t quite Benjamin Button yourself, but it definitely helps to calm, protect and plump up the skin, making it ideal for stressed or dehydrated types.

The mask replicates the healing and hydrating properties of the vernix as well as it’s ability to balance the skin’s pH, facilitate the production of fats and inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Biologique Recherche Masque Vernix 4
BR’s Vernix aims to recondition the skin, giving it a “second birth” by strengthening it’s protective barrier, preserving and optimizing hydration, smoothing fine lines cause by dehydration and promoting skin repair.

Along with almost every other BR product, the smells isn’t great, and you don’t really get used to it. But, it really is worth the smell. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it is very particular to say the least, and I think it better to know that they aren’t trying to cover up the smell with other fragrances.

This super thick, unguent gel cream can either be applied as a moisturizer (though I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you had super dry mature skin–this product leaves a sticky feeling), or in a thicker layer as a mask once a week. I do the latter after applying my serums, then after about 15 minutes, I’ll massage in a little of my moisturizer over top.

Biologique Recherche Masque Vernix

The mask contains antibacterial properties which also aids in preventing and healing acne. In the morning, my blemishes are calmer and my lines around my mouth have filled in. Niacinamide, which is found in yeast extract of Vernix, helps to soothe any redness and fight acne.

This mask feels like it is really fortifying (it contains lots of omegas and ceramides), which is an especially good thing for the wintertime as every last bit of moisture gets sucked out of my skin from cold winds and drying indoor heating.

You can find Biologique Recherche products at select spas in Canada:

One to One Studio, Toronto
Heritage Way Medical Spa, Oakville
Femme Fatale, Barrie
York Vein and Laser Clinic, Newmarket
Kolor Twist Hair Co, Calgary
Damara Day Spa, Saskatoon
Bren’s Skin Care, Russell
La Chambre des Dames, Montréal

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