As someone who for years feared looking even slightly dewy and hoards little packages of blotting sheets, it is truly weird that 1) I even purchased not one but TWO products that do not include mattifying in the title, and 2) actually love them. This is progress if  I ever saw it everyone.

Luminous Complexion Armani and NarsLuminous Complexion Armani Foundation

But in all seriousness. Oily-skinned gals, do not shy away from products that promise to make you look “radiant” or “luminous”. I still need to powder over these products. But the result isn’t so dull and unnatural looking. I start with a pump of the the Luminous Silk foundation all over, then cover any redness or spots with the Nars Radiant concealer. The textures not only blend beautifully together, but also give me a solid, medium coverage. I follow up with quite a bit of translucent loose powder all over the face, because let’s get real, with skin like mine, that base won’t last me an hour without it. Some may say that I’ve defeated the purpose of a “luminous” foundation but no, this is where you’re wrong.

Luminous Complexion Nars Concealer

Right off the bat, luminous base products make for the most natural look, almost to the point where one might question if I’m even wearing makeup (I only say this because my friends actually told me this, I’m not that confident hunny). Then with a little powder, they stay put for about as long as usual– or, gasp, as long as your mattifying foundation promises (!!!). But the real difference lies at around 5 pm when you expect to look in the mirror and see your worn in, uneven and patchy face staring back at you. Nope! This stuff makes you look like you have naturally great skin that is just the right amount dewy. It doesn’t look like old makeup!! If that doesn’t sound exciting then I don’t know what does.

–Anna Raponi


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