Philosophy created this serum so that women wouldn’t feel that they needed to hide their faces when they had an imperfection, or cover their skin in foundation. They want women to feel confident in their own skin.

Philosophy No Reason to Hide

I don’t wear tinted moisturizer or foundation anymore, so I really work hard at doing what I can to make sure my skin in clear and even. However, since I still get occasional hormonal acne on my chin, I still get residual acne scarring due to my super fair skin.

No Reason to Hide is an all-in-one skin imperfection serum. It prevents and corrects blotchiness, redness, rough texture, acne marks, enlarged pores and dark spots.

It works with the powers of Niacinamide (fights redness and acne), Vitamin C (brightens skin) and Salicylic Acid (acne-fighting and purifying), making it a great serum for anyone with almost any skin complaint.

Philosophy No Reason to HideSince starting to use this serum about 6 weeks ago, it has definitely faded the acne scars on my chin. This is where I have seen the most difference, and also where I have the most issues. My skin is clearer and brighter.

My one gripe is that I really hate the pump on this bottle. It works 10% of the time, with the other 90% pumping little to no product, or shooting it across my floor.

At $85, some might think that the price is a bit steep, however, I would argue that it’s a pretty good deal (except for the whole packaging issue). If you’re going to be buying seperate Vitamin C serums and acne-fighting products anyways, I would bet you that all of them together would add up to more than $85 pretty quickly. A 1 oz bottle of Ole Henriksen’s Truth serum runs at $60 ( don’t get me wrong though–I adore this serum).


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