In an effort to target fur-purchasing consumers, LUSH set up a fake website,, which would redirect customers to their Make Fur History website, to educate them about the cruelty behind the fur industry.

Every year, roughly 100 million animals are killed for their fur pelts in the name of fashion. Fur fashions aren’t just full-length mink coats; the reality is that fur is also used in beauty accessories such as mink lashes and brushes—unnecessary luxury items.

More than 85 percent of the world’s fur comes from fur farms where animals like mink, foxes and raccoon dogs that would otherwise roam wild, are forced to spend their entire lives confined to tiny wire cages, with no room to run, forage or properly socialize and sadly this is happening all too close to home.

LUSH, in partnership with the Association For The Protection Of Fur-Bearing Animals (APFA) and the Montreal SPCA, is asking for an end to the commercial fur trade and for consumers to Make Fur History.

Together, LUSH, APFA and Montreal SPCA have created an interactive, action-oriented campaign and are asking consumers to be part of making fur history through the following actions:

  • Take the social pledge “I pledge to go Fur Free” and #MakeFurHistory
  • Surrender fur items at all LUSH stores throughout North America in exchange for a vegan product of the consumer’s choice. These fur articles will be donated to four wildlife rehabilitation centers who use the fur as bedding for orphaned or injured animals
  • Visit to take further action against the fur trade

This campaign will run in LUSH stores from November 1st – 9th.

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