I’m sort of obsessed with the asian beauty culture. And in a pinch, a manga doll is a super easy costume with a makeup look you can pretty much pull off with your pre-existing collection (along with some falsies).


If you’re going to wear coloured contacts (usually blue for this look), put them in before you start applying makeup.

For your base, you basically want your complexion to look as pale and as perfected as possible. Foundation, under-eye concealer and power are all necessary steps. Using a lighter shade of foundation or setting with a white powder will give you than porcelain tone that you need while also masking any redness coming through. The under eye area must be the lightest part of the face so correct and conceal any dark circles. Oh, and cover up your lips too.


If you fill in your brows, keep the line just a little thinner than normal (I’m not even sure if I am capable of intentionally making my brows thinner…).


Dust some highlighter under the brow, across the lid, and under the eye for a really bright eyed look. Then, using a coloured liner, heavily line your upper lash line. Now to really get this look right, you need to make a bigger eye shape using black liquid liner. Basically, thinly line the upper outer lash line as per usual, extending it outwards about a centimeter, then back towards the inner corner to create a little triangle. This triangle has to be filled in with a white shadow to give the illusion that it’s actually your eye (there are so many YouTube tutorials to help you get this one right). Once you’re happy with the shapes, add lashes to both lash lines (however for the lower lashes, glue them to the new lash line you’ve just created, not your natural one). A little white liner on the water line can eliminate any pinkness or redness.


Finish up with some highlighter on the high points of the face, a little pink lip balm, and some nail polish– since heavily-accessorized gel nails weren’t an option for me, I thought a glitter polish would do just fine. You can basically pull off any hair colour with this look, but wear it straight with lots of volume.


Anna Raponi

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