I actually won this pencil in a contest, but I had my eyes on this brand for a little while. Nudestix 1

The sister pair behind Nudestix do all of the marketing and press for the brand, something I find really admirable. Anyways, after getting over the shock of finally winning a contest, I was kind of bummed because I literally never use eyeshadow. And while I could see the convenience of a little pencil you could throw in your bag sans brush, I just didn’t think I could incorporate it/want to add another step into my morning beauty routine.

Nudestix 2
That was, until, I saw my best friend, who also won the contest, wearing a bronzy-gold tone under her eyes, and I simply had to ask what it was. She likes wearing it on and just under the waterline to define the lower lash line, and blended on the lid. The coppery shade Burnish really made her blue eyes pop.
Nudestix 3
So, I decided to give it a go. While I’m not sure it made my brown eyes look as great, it kind of solved my age-old dilemma of how to define my lower lash line–liner on my waterline looks awful, and the lashes are too sparse for mascara. Paired with a grey or black shadow, this makes for the perfect shimmer in a smokey eye– do all your blending, then pencil in the very center of your lid.
Nudestix 4
It creates great subtle definition for girls who don’t want to make a statement. I think all of Nudestix products have that aim–natural looking products that can move with the modern woman. And knowing it’s not going to smash in the bottom of my bag is the sort of relief that kinda makes me want everything in a pencil.

–Anna Raponi

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