The new Silver Screen collection is a match made in heaven: creamy, glorious colour paired with glamorous magnetic packaging. What more could you want?

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen

The collection was inspired by the particles of real silver used in the film process of old movies. The colours and formula were designed to evoke the extremely flattering highly reflective surface used in the golden era of movies.

There are seven amazing shades in the collection, ranging from peach to dark, vampy purple (I highly recommend you check out the entire range). Each lipstick is named after infamous lines from the movie that inspired the shade.

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen You Kid and Play It

I was sent two shades to try out: You Kid and Play It. Both are opaque, highly pigmented and very, very creamy, leaving a hydrated, wet sheen to the lips.

The shine is achieved with a mix of Vitamins E & A in combination with a high percentage of natural pomegranate sterols.

As these are quite creamy lipsticks, they will transfer onto glasses and do smudge, but that is to be expected, really. If you’re looking for something that won’t budge all day–go find something matte.

You Kid is a warm nude. Upon opening the tube, I thought for sure that the colour wouldn’t work on me–definitely not a colour I would search out on my own…but it appears I might be wrong? It has a bit of a 90’s lean to it–wide the nude-y, beige-y tone. Pretty, no?

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen You Kid

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen You Kid

You Kid is a bright, hot pink. Gorgeous in the tube and on the lips. This is shade I most wanted to try out–I love a bright pink lip.

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Play It

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