I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to find an opaque nail colour that doesn’t feel like too much these days. I think I feel like the natural moons of my nails look best with my very unnatural hair colour.

Either way, I’ve missed sitting down to paint my nails quite a bit. But when a big box of Sally Hansen’s Fall Nail Colour Collection came to my door, I jumped at the first opportunity to try them out.


While I still didn’t love the not-so-effortless look of a full, opaque colour, I did grow a liking to her Xtreme Wear Glitter Effect polishes– these aren’t your typical glitter varnishes. This glitter is thinner, more jagged pieces of multicolour foil that goes on way easier AND comes off with just one (yes, you heard me! A glitter polish that is easy to remove??) swipe of remover.



The pieces have a much classier and grown up look on the nails than I’ve seen from any other glitter polish. And the deep blue and green tones of Court Jest as well as the autumnal gold of Mind Your Manors are so perfect but so unexpected for this season. And there’s just something about its transparency that makes this look so effortless.


Chic glitter polishes, conquered.

–Anna Raponi

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