Red lips and polish will always be a classic, and some would argue that Chanel does red best.

Chanel has brought back three vintage reds from their archives for a special limited edition collection, Les Rouges Culte.

Chanel Rouges Culte No 19

Rouge Flamboyant, Laque Rouge and Rouge N°19 are all bright, cheerful reds from the 1980s, and all timelessly chic.

Chanel Rouges Culte Laque Rouge

Chanel Rouges Culte

Rouge Flamboyant: a pure and energetic scarlet red.
Laque Rouge: a deep carmine red softened with brown.
Rouge N°19: a luxurious bluish red with intangible shimmers.

Chanel Rouges Culte Rouge Flamboyant

Rouges Culte will be available November 3rd at all Chanel beauty counters.

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