Lots of new releases from Vichy at the moment–these aren’t even all of them! (Stay tuned for a review of their new hydrating serum)

Vichy Idealia BB Cream, Eye Cream and Night Detox

Vichy is all about protecting and perfecting the skin. These new products are additions to their popular Normaderm and Idealia lines.

Vichy Ideal BB Cream Swatch

After the resounding success of the Idealia serum (see review), which fights behavioural stressors affecting your skin such as diet, sleep, pollution, etc., Vichy has launched the Idealia BB Creams. These BBs are infused with the same science as the serum as well as an SPF of 25. I was sent two shades (there are only two as far as I can tell); light and medium; which have a really light consistency–much different than the heavier BB creams I’ve tried out. Unfortunately for me, my skin has a yellow undertone, and the fair has a pink undertone, so my sister, Angela, tested this one out.

Sadly, Angela wasn’t a huge fan of the watery consistency as it was too thin to really give any coverage, and you needed quite a bit of product to cover your whole face. These cream would probably be great for people who already have an even skin tone and are looking for the time-saving benefits of SPF and a serum in one.

Vichy Idealia Eye Crea

An eye cream has also been added to the Idealia family. The tube comes with a special applicator that is applied directly to the eye contour. The cream contains caffeine, illuminators, and DRM-bright complex. This has more of a fluid consistency, making it perfect for those who don’t need a super heavy eye cream.

Vichy Night Detox

Do you fall asleep with a freshly cleaned and moisturized face, only to wake up with a greasy visage?

Night detox is a new lightweight cream that helps to slow sebum production throughout the night and purify pores (and in turn slow/stop breakouts). It smells pretty too.

The cream contains a mix of LHA, salicylic and glycolic acids to remove dead skin cells and cleanse pores.

My teenage sister Angela (who better to test an oil-fighting product than a hormonal adolescent) has been using this product every single night and has found that she has been waking up to a less greasy face, however, still needs to powder throughout the day.

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