October 2nd to 4th, Pascal Grand’maison, Diorshow Make Up Artist Canada, will be at The Bay on Queen Street teaching tips and tricks from behind the scenes, and sharing his knowledge on Dior products as well as the Fall 2014 line.

Dior Fall 2014


Pascal is inspired by architecture and design, and believes that a beauty look should always start with a base of flawless skin.

Some of Pascal’s favourites from the brand:

One Essential is your must have pre treatment step, one pump of this product boosts the effectiveness of your skin care up to 4 times by detoxifying your skin in depth and providing a regenerating benefit that in 6 weeks corrects the visible signs of one year of aging! Now who wouldn’t want that?! As an Artist thisproduct in combination with Dreamskin creates the perfect canvas to showcase everyone’s beauty.

Capture Totale Dreamskin truly creates the skin of your dreams, working immediately and long term to perfect the skins texture by reducing the visibility of pores, taming redness and reducing pigment. I love to work with this product as the final step of skincare because it creates a velvety smooth canvas which is perfect for applying foundation and I typically use less foundation while still achieving a flawless look for my clients!

Dior Fall 2014 3

Diorshow Lash Maximizer is your twice daily fortifier and nourisher for healthier and more plush lashes immediately! It’s the perfect primer to add more volume to any mascara and will actually change the length, thickness and curl of your lashes in 4 weeks! I’ve had clients tell me they have said “bye-bye” to their lash curler!

Diorshow Mascara has the largest brush and this amazing powdery formula that allows me the ability to build the thickest lashes in the quickest way; especially when under the hot lights of a photo shoot it gives me the greatest control and provides the longest wear! I love that I can apply this mascara in a zig zag motion for fullness, using the tip for precision or in a combing motion to define. It’s a must have to create the most plush lashes out there and to be used as a finishing touch on top of any other mascara.

Dior Fall 2014 2

Dior Rosy Glow is the most multipurpose blush that adapts to your skin for a personal colour! It will become indispensable to you once I show you how to apply it to the apples of your cheeks for instant freshness or a small amount above the crease of the eye to illuminate and lift… and lastly how to apply along the side of your neck from below the jaw line to collar bone to add a brightening and “lifting” to your face! (Editor’s note: We love this product too).

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer provides an immediate and long term plumping and smoothing to your lips with a minty-vanilla aroma! My favorite trick is to apply a nice layer of Lip Maximizer at the beginning of a makeup application so that when I am ready to complete your lips the surface is smooth and soft and allows for a perfect Lip Liner application!

Call direct to book your appointment 416 861-6181, bookings are 30 – 40 minutes.

October 2nd, 11am to 7pm
October 3rd, 11am to 7pm
October 4th, 10am to 6pm

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