Now that it’s officially fall, it’s officially time to switch over our makeup and bring back my favourite shade of lipstick and polish: Red! Red Polishes and Lipsticks

As you can see, I have quite a lot of red in my large makeup collection (this isn’t even all of it). These are just my favourites; sans one exception which didn’t photograph well–Nars Cruella Velvet Matte Pencil. Though not pictured, it shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s a scarlet, blue-based red that doesn’t budge. Also not pictured but worth mentioning (I took these photos a while ago): Giorgio Armani Chinese Lacquer and Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss Pirate.

From left to right up top: Essie Geranium, Lancôme Absolute Rouge, Chanel Rouge Rubis, Aerin Red Velvet, Rococo Fashion Victim, MAC Ruby Woo, Dior Tout Paris, YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis Rouge Lacque, Chanel Lotus Rouge, Giorgio Armani Downtown, Dior Tout Paris, Fresh Sugar Balm Passion and Chanel Rouge Noir.

Red Lipsticks 2

Now, for a quick run down of every product.

Essie Geranium: a bright, punchy orange-toned red. I actually love this one in the summer on my toes. Hard to find in Canada.

Lancôme Absolute Rouge: a vivid red with a creamy finish. Has the smallest hint of orange. Holds up Lancôme’s strong lipstick reputation.

Chanel Rouge Rubis: Unfortunately, a limited-edish from last year’s holiday collection. Hopefully you got to pick up a bottle of this bright, neutral red before it was gone.

Aerin Red Velvet: Also another limited edition from a holiday collection (Sorry! The holidays make for some great reds!). So creamy and blue toned. Both the packaging and the lipstick and very pretty.

Red Chanel Lotus Rouge

Rococo Fashion Victim & Chanel Lotus Rouge: Looks darker than Chanel’s in the bottle, but once applied, they look almost the same. I would say Chanel’s is easier to apply though–the colour is more opaque and it is easier to get an even coat. Gorgeous burgundies all around–perfect for fall.

MAC Ruby Woo: Obsessed. I’ve written about it before. THE perfect matte red lip. It has cult status. Go get yourself a tube. Every single time I wear it I get compliments, but this baby just.doesn’t.budge.

Dior Tout Paris (polish and lipstick): From this year’s Pre-Fall collection. This one is limited edition, but still around so go get yourself the pair of these. Actually, this whole collection is great. These are beautiful bright, orange-toned reds. The nail polish applies in a one-coat dream and is super long-lasting. Go! Run!

Red Nail Polishes Essie, Chanel, Dior, Rococo

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis Rouge Lacque: The longest-name ever. Makes for a very chic blue-toned red glossy lip that eventually fades into a stain. Lighter and more watery than a gloss. Very sexy.

Giorgio Armani Downtown: Armani’s head makeup artist suggested this colour for me at event, so you know it’s good. A red without being a RED. Slightly more brown-based. Reza said it was chicer and more fresh than the blue-based ones everyone is wearing.

Fresh Sugar Balm Passion: For those girls who are just plain scared of red lipstick. Fresh just makes the best lip balms–super hydrating, amazing texture and delicious smell. Creates a sheer red colour.

Chanel Rouge Noir: THE blackened red. Always chic. Always and forever.

8 thoughts on “REDS // LIPS AND TIPS”

  1. I also love, love red on nails & lips. Still haven’t found the perfect red lipstick shade for me sadly! The Chanel Rouge Rubes looks perfect.
    By the way, your blog is stellar. You have a new reader now! X



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