Expanding on the beloved Rouge Allure line, Chanel has released a gamut of glosses and coordinating polishes.

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss Packaging

Available exclusively at The Bay until October 20th (after which it will be available at all Chanel counters), these sleek glosses are everything I want in a lip product: no glitter or sparkle, great colour, hydrating, long wear and a chic case.

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss Packaging 2

Following in the footsteps of the beautiful packaging for their beauty range (especially the lip products), these glosses feature the iconic click and an innovative top–a light push on the gold lid pops up the brush, dispensing the perfect amount of gloss onto the brush to ensure that no product is wasted.

Chanel Rouge Allure

There are nine new shades in the collection, including glosses of their classic colours, such as Pirate. Each shade is luminous and highly pigmented. They are a mix of lipstick and gloss, creating a beautiful translucent shade. They apply very easily, the gloss isn’t sticky, but adheres to the lips and stays put, lasting about 4 hours if you are eating and drinking, and even longer if not. Lips always feel comfortable and hydrated; the gloss is infused with Vitamin E and matcha green tea butter.

Chanel Rouge Allure Supreme, Pirate, Distinction

The sponge-tip applicator is the perfect shape for creating a precise line and reaching the inner corners of the mouth (Julie Cusson, Chanel Make Up Artist advised us to play close attention to this area with the darker shades).

Chanel Rouge Allure Supreme, Pirate, Distinction 2

I was generously given three of the glosses to take home (shown left to right in photo above): Distinction (dark berry), Pirate (Chanel’s classic neutral red) and Supreme (a bright, cool-toned pink). At the event, Julie painted Affriolant on my lips, a bright coral pink, perfect for everyday wear.

Chanel Rouge Allure Supreme, Pirate, Distinction Swatch

Julie gave us a step-by-step demonstration on the best way to apply the gloss:

1) Click the top once and remove the wand.
2) Using one side of the wand, apply the gloss to your bottom lip.
3) Rub your lips together.
4) Using the same side of the wand, apply gloss to your top lip, paying special attention to the inner corners of the mouth.
5) Finish the look with the other side of the wand.

Optional: Create depth by mixing shades. Julie likes to apply Pirate to the whole lip and finish with a touch of Distinction in the center of the mouth.

Chanel Rouge Allure Supreme

Supreme: Applies very evenly and is very easy to apply. The colour is a gorgeous fuschia and instantly brightens the complexion.

Chanel Rouge Allure Pirate

Pirate: The perfect neutral red, not too warm, not too cool. Takes a little more work to apply evenly, but settles well and doesn’t fall into cracks in the lips. I think this is great for daytime, nighttime, and is a good way for red lip beginners. Also looks amazing layered over the lipstick formula of this shade. This one is my favourite, though Supreme is a close second. I’m just more of a red girl.

Chanel Rouge Allure Distinction

Distinction: This one looks really intimidating and dark straight out of the tube, but isn’t so. This one was the most difficult to apply evenly, but creates a vampy plum look without the severity of a lipstick. We were also given a tube of Élegante, a new addition to the Rouge Allure lipsticks, which looks amazing paired with this gloss and adds extra depth. Julie said that plums and red are the colours of the Fall/Winter season (so you might want to get your hands on this one), and this shade would work on any skin tone.

Chanel Rouge Allure Elegante

The new collection also includes the following colours:

Sensuel, a golden pearly beige
Exotique, a radiant apricot orange
Affriolant, a very fresh coral pink with light plum shimmers
Innocent, a soft rosewood
Sensible, an exquisite pink
Extase, an intense pink
Séduction, a raspberry with plum shimmers
Audace, a sensual chocolate lit up with a hint of pink

Chanel Le Vernis Expression

Chanel is also releasing three new timeless shades to pair with the glosses.

I was given a bottle of Expression, a bright raspberry red. The colour is beautiful and applies in a single coat (not surprising for a Chanel polish).

Also in the collection:

Intention, a natural rosy beige with a pearly golden heart
Exception, a timeless and modern chocolate brown

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