Kerastase has released a new line of products to control frizz and fight humidity while allowing the hair to move freely.


The line contains four new products: a shampoo, conditioner, mask and spray. An in-salon treatment is also available, which offers about a month’s worth of frizz-free hair.


After battling the heat and humidity all summer long (not to mention my bangs), it didn’t take a lot of convincing from my hair stylist to pick up the shampoo (which smells beautiful, FYI). The shampoo is also available in a sulfate-free version, perfect for coloured or over-processed hair.


When paired with the medium-weight conditioner, together they produce super soft, healthy-feeling hair. I was a bit worried it might weigh down my hair, but it didn’t whatsoever. You only need a hazelnut-sized amount for your whole head; I like to start from my roots and work upwards.

The mask is very thick–like a balm. You only need a very small amount, it is quite heavy. I only apply it from my mid-lengths down. Hair is so incredibly soft afterwards.

The line isn’t just about creating straight hair–but disciplined hair with volume and the fluidity of movement. The products make hair less frizzy and more manageable while cutting styling time in half and no permanent damage (think Brazilian Blowouts and Japanese hair straightening treatments).


Every product contains Morpho-Keratine, a compound that consists of amino acids to replenish the hair fibre, a fibre smoothing wheat protein derivative, and fibre fortifying ceramide R to envelop each fiber in a featherlight coating that tames unmanageable hair without ruining it’s movement.


The products create a coating that eliminates friction zone to fight flyaways and humidity for a faster, longer-lasting blowdry.

There is an in-salon Discipline treatment that takes about 45 minutes plus your regular blowdry time. The treatment is comprised of six steps and involves two discipline products (not the at-home products) and a flat ironing section to lock-in the treatment.


The heat-protective Fluidissime spray is applied to clean hair to detangle and fight frizz. It is very lightweight and the nozzle makes it easy to evenly distribute the product on hair. This is probably my favourite product from the range as it is perfectly suited to my fine hair and my locks don’t feel as if they have any product on them after drying. Win!

With these products, my hair doesn’t succumb to humidity-induced frizz whatsoever. After blowdrying (note: I am NOT skilled whatsoever at blowdrying, or hair-doing in general), I still need to run my straightener through to remove frizz (because I create frizz from blowdrying), but after that hair is sealed and doesn’t get puffy or flyaways–nothing. However, select stubborn pieces around my face/my bangs do bend a little and get their curl back from the heat/humidity, but not nearly as much as they would with other products, that’s for sure.

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