While taking a Snapchat video of me singing along to the new 1D song to my best friend the other day (that whole idea is a lot more embarrassing once typed out), I was a bit shocked to see how my face looks while I’m moving, or rather, lip syncing. 
Contour with Hoola 2

First off, I realized that my nose is an entirely different shape than I like to imagine it is. But what really shocked me was how obvious the line under my chin is–you know, the line that makes you look like you have a double chin(!!!). Not cool. How do I get rid of it? Or make it less obvious?, I asked myself. Was this something that people noticed? Who knows! All I knew is that I had to find a solution ASAP. Of course, I coincidentally came across this shot of Miley for V Magazine which 1. Solves my apparent (but not real!) double chin problem and 2. Shows the beauty of contouring.

Not to say that contouring is new to me. Matter of fact, I do my best to chisel down my cheeks and forehead with a little matte bronzer on the daily. But despite the numerous YouTube videos instructing to contour the jawline, I never really liked the idea. I mean, BRONZER, on the JAWLINE?? That is just asking for your face to look way darker than your neck, an huge makeup no-no by like, everyone in the universe. Clearly, I had the wrong idea. So, just like Miley, I applied some Hoola Bronzer on that stretch of skin right under the mouth and around the chin, and voila! Was it really that simple all that time? I think the key is avoiding the outer corners of the jawbone (unless your contouring-product-of-choice is very similar to your skin tone, or minimally orange-toned), and blending down your neck just a little.
Contour with Hoola 1
But back to Hoola. This is like the perfect inbetween of a contour shade (ideally a grey toned, matte bronzer) and a bronzer shade (a slightly orange or red toned brown shade, sometimes with shimmer or sparkles– I typically avoid the latter). It’s matte, and the depth of the shade makes me look a ‘healthier’ shade of very fair while defining the shape of my face. All that without looking streaky and orange? I’ll take it!
–Anna Raponi


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