If you remember back to the Holt Renfrew Powder Puff event, you’ll remember I won a huge Burberry Cosmetics prize, containing their Body eau de toilette, along with the solid version and the matching body milk, among others.

To be honest, I was drawn to this prize because of the makeup (I figured I would never bring myself to buy Burberry makeup so…). However, I have been loving the fragrance. I’m not going to even try to inarticulately explain the notes, but Sephora describes it as ‘a composition of fruity-chypre, absinthe, peach, freesia, rose absolute, iris, sandalwood, cashmere, vanilla, amber and musk’ (dramatically inhales). It’s meant to embody the luxurious, sensual and feminine scent of the girl who wears the iconic Burberry trench. It’s not a perfume that wears the woman, in my opinion, because it’s not heavy and it doesn’t smell sugary. I love it because it makes you seem like you just naturally smell amazing, not like ‘oh, her perfume smells amazing’. I’ve never had a signature scent just because I like too many (Amanda’s signature is COCO Mademoiselle), but I’m kind of reconsidering– it’s not one that only suits one season, or one mood. It’s long lasting, the bottle is gorgeous,  and it’s unique and not over-bearing fragrance is addictive.

–Anna Raponi

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