Be it for an hour at the gym, a coffee date, or even just to run errands in this late August heat, I’ve been reaching for my lightest base products to even out my skin tone without melting off my face in the process. Foundations have just been too high maintenance, so I’ve been making use of some albeit very bored primers to make my bare face look just that little bit more even or to grab hold of any base products that I do put on.


I have naturally very red cheeks that not even concealer is able to completely cover. So when I’m headed to my workout (always sans makeup), I’ll literally try anything to reduce the redness. And while I’ve yet to try rosewater sprays, Make Up For Ever’s Green HD Primer has been my best friend. It doesn’t completely correct red tones, however I definitely believe it minimizes them while adding a little luminosity to my skin. I wear it in place of my moisturizer, which works perfectly for days where you’re not putting on your face, as it keeps things a little less shiny as well.

If I am, however, planning on adding a little coverage, I’ll start off with a little Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control Primer through my T-Zone. A layer of this really allows your foundation/concealer/BB cream/tinted moisurizer, you name it, to glide on super easily and to better cling on the face. And while primers have a bit of a bad rap for clogging the pores, this one’s got salicylic acid mixed in to treat any blemishes and keep the pores clean. I’ll then follow with a few dabs (not massaged into the skin) of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm on the tops of my cheekbones to provide some see-through highlighting under my foundation.

And for days where my bare minimals won’t cut it, I’ve been loving Armani’s CC Cream. This colour correcting moisturizer will give you that je ne sais quoi glow that overpowers any blemishes showing through (to an extent, obviously). It’s got a super natural finish that blends seamlessly into your skin without looking like you’ve got makeup on. And it’s got minimal sun protection.

–Anna Raponi


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