Imagine you’re a star…not like the one out in space, but a celebrity. You spend half of your life in front of cameras, and the other half worrying about how you look on camera. 

Dior Star Foundation and Concealer 1Dior Star Foundation and Concealer 2Dior’s newest foundation combines the radiant, illuminating qualities of a star in the sky with light and photogenic needs in front of the flash of a camera. Dior has tried to re-create the complimentary and beautifying effects of studio lighting in a foundation.

Dior Star is the first “brightening” foundation
n for studio lightening. Now, this isn’t what you would imagine a ‘brightening’  foundation to be–there is no glitter, sparkle, or iridescent materials in the formula–which makes it even better, in my eyes.

This medium-coverage foundation is infused with a two-dimensional light. It contains particles (hollow silica beads) that absorb and reflect light; much like the crystals on a chandelier. As a result, skin is radiant and luminous, without looking obvious or shiny.

Dior Star Foundation and Concealer 3

This foundation reminds me of my other favourite complexion-perfecting products from Dior (Hydralife Tinted Moisturizer & Airflash); immediately after application, I’m not wowed, but then after a minute of settling, I’m left with beautiful, even, natural looking skin.

Although this foundation gives great coverage, the formula is not heavy in the least–it is surprisingly light. On application, it reminded me a lot of my tinted moisturizer, and I wore it the whole night, totally forgetting I was wearing foundation at all (which is saying a lot since I never wear foundation).

The foundation also contains SPF 30, which is impressively high for cosmetics.
Dior Star Foundation and Concealer 4

I also am quite in love with the accompanying concealer. It’s a thicker consistency than I am used to (Lancôme Effacernes), but it gives great coverage both for the undereye area and over dark spots on the face.

What I love most about this concealer is that it is quite flexible and blends seamlessly into the skin. It really adheres to the skin, it doesn’t move around. A little really goes a long way with this one.

Dior Star Foundation and Concealer 5

Dior is releasing a foundation sponge in tandem with the release of these new products, which resembles a black Beauty Blender. I, myself, always prefer to use my fingers for applying foundation and concealer, and I think they worked just fine on their own.

The foundation and concealer are both total winners in my opinion. Definitely worth purchasing.

Dior Star foundation will be available in 14 shades, and the concealer in 5 shades, in September. 

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