Personally, I’m not about to sacrifice coverage or texture for my oily skin. However, shiny faces are only cool on the runways, and I will take desperate measures (okay maybe I’m being a bit dramatic) to keep my face matte.

I like the simplicity of a thin, liquidfoundation and I need a medium coverage. Recently, thanks to Lisa Eldridge, I came across Clarins Ever Matte Foundation. This stuff is the most effective at keeping things under control, but of course with my skin, I need more than that. Also, it has great medium coverage but isn’t a thick formula so it feels light and nice on the skin. Right after, I need to powder to prolong the coverage and the matte-ness (is that even a word?), even though the foundation is already working to do so (my skin is that oily). A few months ago I started using Rimmel’s Stay Matte Translucent Powder, after hearing so many people raving about it. While I’m not sure that it is that much better than any other powder I’ve used, it’s half the price of the others I’ve tried so I’m sold on it for now. Amanda is still hooked on her CoverFX blotting powder.

So with the powder, I cover everywhere I’ve applied the foundation. This will last me about 3-4 hours, then it’s time to freshen up. I used to carry powder with me and touch it up like that, but that can start looking thick and cakey. Blotting papers are an oily-skinned girl’s best friend. They’re much easier to carry than powder and a brush, and I’m much happier with the results. These ones were a stocking stuffer, and they’regreat because they have Glacial clay (ooh) and salicylic acid (ah), so they prevent breakouts too. While I’m not too picky with blotting papers, I admit some work better than others– I usually go for any Sephora brand ones, they always work the best. So grab a sheet and blot away. This should take you to the end of the day, shine-free (hoorah!).

–Anna Raponi



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