While enjoying my Margaret Dabbs pedicure, I was chatting with the lovely ladies from BeautyNext, the company that distributes Biologique Recherche in Canada. And what was the most important thing I learned from our conversation? That I MUST get my hands on the BR Finishing Serums, specifically the VIPO2, because it would change my life (and my skin). And they were right.Biologique Recherche VIP02 1 Biologique Recherche VIP02 2

I was kindly sent me over a bottle of the potion and immediately I was amazed. I am obsessed with it.

As this is a finishing serum, it goes on as one of your last steps–I like to apply it after moisturizer but before sunscreen, but you could definitely apply it after sunscreen.

I squirt two spritzes into my hands and then massage the serum all over my face, including around the eye area, with the remainder going onto my neck.

Biologique Recherche VIP02 3

As soon as the serum hits your face, skin blooms and comes to life, it looks as is someone has breathed life into your skin (always reminds me of the scene in Pleasantville where the black and white changes to colour). Skin looks and feels smoother, and looks plump and juicy, dewy and healthy. I swear I look 5 years younger after applying it and more awake–I don’t even wear tinted moisturizer any more, I just cover any red marks with concealer.

This serum is BR’s most complex formula and traps oxygen at the surface of the skin and protects from pollution,making it perfect for those who live or work in a city.

The smoothing properties of the serum also create a great base for makeup. I love applying my Nars Orgasm blush onto my cheekbones afterwards–it brightens the colour makes the blush look even more natural on skin.

You can find Biologique Recherche products at select spas in Canada:

One to One Studio, Toronto
Heritage Way Medical Spa, Oakville
Femme Fatale, Barrie
York Vein and Laser Clinic, Newmarket
Kolor Twist Hair Co, Calgary
Damara Day Spa, Saskatoon
Bren’s Skin Care, Russell
La Chambre des Dames, Montréal

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