It seems like everyone is wearing either a Nike+FuelBand or an UP by Jawbone to monitor their everyday movements and activity to manage their weight, help them sleep better and remind them when they haven’t reached their 10,000 step goal for the day. There are apps that analyze your sleep to wake you up at the perfect time based on Circadian rhythm, and calendar apps that determine when your period arrive.

June 1 June 2 June 3

So, while we’re measure everything–why wouldn’t you want to know when you’ve reached your sun intake for the day?

Netatmo, a company that creates weather devices, has invented JUNE, an ingenious tool in the form of a chic bracelet that helps you be more sun savvy. The bracelet joins up with a smartphone app that provides you with sun protection advice (how high of an SPF should I be wearing?), measures your UV exposure and provides a sun dose check. Skin cancer rates are higher than ever, and this is a great tool for those who need reminders that they’ve had enough sun, or who can’t seem to remember to put on sunscreen.

A few summers ago, I suffered from sun stroke after being outside for too long. This would have been a great tool to let me know that I should have gone inside throughout the day to take some breaks.

The JUNE bracelet retails for $99 and is available in three colours (platinum, gold and gunmetal) and two strap options (silicon and leather).


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