Earlier this year, when I purchased my bottle of Beige, I received a cosmetics GWP from Chanel. Inside, was a sample of the Le Volume mascara. Usually I just shove samples into my vanity’s drawer to eventually be given away or thrown out, but having never tried a Chanel mascara before, I eagerly awaited the day my mascara dried out so that I could sub this one in.

Chanel Sephora Volume Mascara 4

Chanel Sephora Volume Mascara 6

Well that day came, and at first, I was super weirded out by the brush and couldn’t seem to get application right–my lashes didn’t look that great–I just couldn’t get the hang of the short bristled brush. However, after a day or so, I was created beautiful, long lashes with tons of volume; a big upgrade from my very fine lashes. The shorter, sparser bristles deliver more mascara onto the lashes, creating more thickness and volume.

I was convinced–as soon as this sample dried out, I was going to march on over to the Chanel counter for a full-size tube.

However, a week ago I received a tube of Sephora’s Outrageous Volume mascara from a RewardStyle event. I so very nearly gave away this tube to my sister (truthfully, I haven’t been overly wowed by Sephora’s brand of cosmetics in the past)–until I opened it up and realized how similar the brush was to Chanel’s (really, mascara is mostly about the brush) and quickly snatched it back from her.

For both of these, I like to start applying normally, starting at the root and up, then I finish by batting my lashes into the wand–this little trick really amps up the volume.

I have to say–the results are pretty damn close. Dare I say, even, that Sephora’s formula is a little blacker, if that’s possible, and maybe a little thinner.

A dupe if I ever saw one, that’s for sure.


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