As I mentioned in my evening skincare routine post, I’ve been using Chanel’s new Le Lift eye cream for a few weeks now, and have been loving it. While the cream is lightweight, it packs a serious punch, with enough hydrating power to satisfy my super dry eye area.Chanel Le Lift Eye and Serum 1 Chanel Le Lift Eye and Serum 3

This guy is unscented (no irritation), and really plumps up and firms the eye area so you always wake up with a youthful-looking gaze. I also never wake up with puffy eyes while using this cream.

I’ve also incorporated the new serum into my daytime routine, and really do noticeably see a difference. It adds an extra layer of moisture under my usual moisturizer and adds a dewy, hydrated plumpness to my skin (really great if you wake up looking tired, or for resurrecting a tired face after a late night ;)) My skin just sucks it up.

The serum contains Resveratrol-12 (resveratrol is that ingredient found in red wine that is proven to fight the signs of aging), an exclusive molecule patented by Chanel (that took 9 years of research) that is paired with lipoic acid, an antioxidant as powerful as Vitamin E. The Resveratrol-12 works gradually over 12 hours where it is needed most.

The texture is sort of a gel-cream texture, or a milkier serum. It has a pretty floral smell, but is not overpowering, and fades away quickly.

Plus, as always, Chanel does a great job on packaging–how pretty is the light pink with the black?

Chanel Le Lift Eye Cream & Serum will be available at all beauty counters August 18th.

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