While on my trip to Bleach in London, I picked up some of their Rosé Super Cool Hair Colours for my freshly bleached hair. One huge perk of having light hair is that rainbow colouring doesn’t have to be such a commitment.DSC_0641-1 DSC_0653 DSC_0662 DSC_0674 DSC_0680

However, while I’m not ready to touch my still relatively new platinum hair, my red-headed best friend Julia was ready to take her strawberry blonde locks to rose gold. Throughout the summer, she’s naturally highlighted her hair in the sun, leaving some bits quite blonde and some a darker ginger shade. Bleach recommends using their Super Cool Colours on bleached hair, however we figured using Julia’s red hair as a base would give a subtler, peachier pink.

Manic Panic also makes a more vibrant pink shade since Bleach products are hard to get a hold of across the pond. Nonetheless, dying your pink is no tidy process, as we learned, so choose a bathtub or sink that you can clean easily and preferably towels you can throwout (unless you don’t mind the hot pink blotches??) afterwards.

We washed and conditioned as per usual, then wearing a pair of gloves, I applied the dye to her hair in thin layers, evenly applying the product throughout the stands and massaging in. Once completed, we left the dye to set for the 15 minutes recommended on the bottle– we figured the extra time it took to apply would be fine considering we weren’t working with bleach blonde hair. Beware of getting this gunk on the skin surrounding your hairline, it will temporarily stain. Not a huge deal, but not ideal. We thoroughly rinsed the pink out, which took like five minutes considering Julia’s mermaid-length hair, making for some really cool puddles in the tub.

Julia’s hair is now a beautiful shade of peachy-pink that I think is such an easy way to spice up ginger hair without doing any major damage and no serious commitment.


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