As much as the products in my evening skincare routine have changed, they have finally settled, and I have found what seems to work best for my skin (in case you didn’t already know, hormonal acne-prone and slightly dry).

Evening Skincare 1


For almost a year now, I have used Province Apothecary‘s wonderful cleansing oil as my first cleanse (see original post here). This is a really light, gentle oil that has a really pretty herb-y raspberry fragrance. It really helps to breakdown any makeup or sunscreen I might be wearing.

I always follow-up with a second cleanse, that being Biologique Recherche’s Lait U (Lait VIP O2 is recommened for me for winter). This is a cream cleanser that doesn’t feel heavy or oily in the slightest–sometimes I find that cream cleanser can leave a film or residue, but this only reveals healthy, clean skin. Breaks down all eye makeup and again is perfect for fragile, sensitive skin.

To stimulate the skin cells, and create a good foundation for the plethora or serums I layer on, I always dab on Biologique Recherche’s P50 Lotion (see original review) with a cotton pad (Shiseido, preferably). This toner has a slight tingle and rebalances the pH of your skin and exfoliates away any dead cells.

Evening Skincare 2


Next, I apply a ton of serums. Yes, all of those pictured above. Depending on what I have received, or recently purchased, these serums change up a bit.

I started using BR’s Complexe Iribiol just over a month ago. It was recommended to me to help fight acne and keep my skin balanced and clear. Almost immediately after using this serum (though I must say it’s more of a watery consistency than the usual serum), my skin started to clear up, and breakouts healed faster. I’ve been told that I must get my hands on the Placenta serum to brighten and help heal any damaged skin after the pimples are gone.

Next, I follow-up with Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum–Sephora’s #1 bestselling serum. I’ve raved about this one before.This one really helps to even out the complexion and fade dark spots and scars. Well worth the money.

Estée Lauder’s legendary Advanced Night Repair is always in my arsenal for a reason. It just works. My mom has sweared by this serum for as long as I can remember. This is actually the older formula (I ran out of the newer formula, which really is even better), but I’m using it up regardless. Super hydrating and fights just about every bad thing out there. If you feel like you want to get something for your skin, but don’t have tons of cash, this is what you want to spend your money on.

Lastly, I use 3 drops of Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil (read the original review). Rosehip contains natural Vitamin A (retinol) which fights aging, acne and heals scars. I love to use it as a serum for an extra layer of hydration.

Evening Skincare 3


I have a very dry eye area, it just drinks up moisturizer. I am not the type to like lightweight hydration here, give me the rich creams!

I’ve recently started using Chanel’s Le Lift cream–really nice consistency, not overwhelmingly thick, and unscented (key for me). Hydrates super well (my eye area is always lush and plump the next morning).

Finally, I smother a small amount of BR’s Creme Dermopurifiante all over my face. I ADORE this cream. If you have oily, acne-prone or unbalanced skin this is for you. My main problem in fighting acne is that “acne-appropriate” moisturizers were never hydrating enough. This one gives amazing hydrating with a matte finish. Kind of has a funky smell, but you’ll get over it.

Evening Skincare 4


This are my secret weapons that I rotate throughout the week.

Alpha H Liquid Gold is swept over my face 2-3 times a week, depending on how congested or dull my complexion looks.

Once a week (usually on Wednesdays, if you must know), I go mask crazy. After applying toner, I start with BR’s Masque Vivant. Y’all know how crazy I am about this one. No need to elaborate here. If my skin is being especially difficult (hello, crimson wave), I will use this one a few times a week.

Then, I follow up with BR’s Masque VIP O2 (or sometimes I do them on consecutive nights). This mask oxygenates the skin and is super hydrating (supposedly great on sunburns). It feels cooling and soothing. You won’t notice the difference when you wash it off, but you will for sure the next day. Skin is soft and glowing. This is a pricey mask, so don’t pile it on!

As I mentioned, my skin is quite dry, and if I’ve had a few too many drinks on the weekend, or if I haven’t slept well I’ll apply Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal Night Spa (see original post) after my moisturizer for an extra cushion of hydration. This is also a good one to apply if you’ve really exfoliated the skin.

Although Differin was prescribed to me by my doctor, I only use this guy once a week now. After using it every single night diligently for 4 months, the effects plateaued. Now I use it as age prevention and not so much as acne-prevention, though it does help de-congest.

There you have it! My ridiculously long evening skincare routine (I assure you my morning routine is quite a bit shorter). Call me vain, but my skin is high-maintenance or else it rebels.

What products do you swear by?

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