I’m a regular wearer of nail polish, mainly because I really enjoy taking the time to do my nails. However, once they’re all coiffed and painted, I expect them to last at least around 3-4 days. My collection of polishes mainly consists of OPI and Sephora, which are both decent brands in terms of lasting power and quality formulas. As a stocking stuffer this past Christmas, Amanda gifted me this Butter London lacquer in Scoundrel, a mauvey-purple hue. It’s not one of those colours that will POP out at you, or catch your attention, but man, did I underestimate how much I’d love this product. Purple didn’t really strike me as a colour I wear often, primarily because I just didn’t think it was that versatile. I think it’s the greyish-beigeish tones in this one, but I have yet to find an outfit that doesn’t go with this subdued shade. I was even more impressed with how long-lasting this beautiful colour is–I can get a good 5-6 days wear with a base and top coat. It doesn’t peel off easily and the combination of the thicker formula and the well-designed brush make application a breeze. 

–Anna Raponi



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