Since asking Eva for some advice on getting my skin to look it’s best for my wedding day, I’ve been inspired to not get a facial and get myself ready at home with a few products. My Clarisonic has been ordered and is on it’s way, and I picked up Ren’s Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal mask as per Eva’s recommendations.
On a commerical break while watching the Grammy’s, I slathered on this thick apricot-scented/coloured gel. After 10 tingly minutes, I rinsed it off with the accompanying washcloth to find myself left with the smoothest skin I’ve ever had. The formula uses 3 different natural acids to exfoliate and resurface the skin without irritation. It decongests the pores and works well to help fade post-acne scarring, blackheads, blemishes and sun-damaged skin. It didn’t say on the bottle to do this, but after reading Sephora’s directions, make sure that before you rinse off the mask, pat and lift your fingertips to help raise up the exfoliated layer of dead skin cells. Repeat once a week for smooth, re-surfaced skin.
Since you are revealing a new and delicate layer of skin, make sure that you apply sunscreen before going outside–you don’t want your brand new skin to burn!

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